Should I buy a Cross Bike or a Hybrid?

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Looks like I actually need another bike.  No one is more surprised than my wife…. I only have four other bikes.  I got my main road bike, Bianchi Infinito with full carbon wheels, my old Klein road bike for rain, etc., my very old hybrid that is now too crappy for me to ride or sell and of course a folding bike.  I am now looking for a bicycle to commute with to work, about 5 miles each way, to use on trails and for the road in winter and when conditions are less than optimal.  So, do I get a basic hybrid bike or go for a cyclocross bike?  My wallet tells me to get the hybrid but my heart tells me to get the cross bike and my wife just tells me where to     It seems like the best idea will be to get a cyclocross so I can actually use the bike on the road for some longer rides during winter and  bad weather.  As a bicycle lawyer I am well aware of how important it is to be on and wearing the right equipment.  I feel very confident that a cyclocross bike will enhance my safety as well.  How is that for the best justification for a new bike… my personal safety.  Here is a pic of the bike  I intend to buy:





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