Andrew Kass

“In our practice we don’t have “cases”, we have “clients”. I never like to see anybody, regardless of their wealth, education or skin color treated with anything but respect. It’s why I decided to become a lawyer.”

Andrew Kass, Partner

Andrew is a founding partner of Kass & Moses. Raised in New Jersey, Andrew is a graduate of Syracuse University, from which he earned a degree in finance and marketing. Having learned the importance of service by observing his father as he ran his own business, Andrew later incorporated this customer-centric approach to his own law firm. Currently, Andrew lives in Highland Park, Illinois, with his wife Janice, daughter, Lillian, son Sergio and their dog, Niko.


Joel Moses

“The legal world is complex. We get that. It’s our job to help you understand your position and maximize your compensation.”

Joel Moses, Partner

Joel is a founding partner of Kass & Moses. Originally from Michigan, Joel came from an entrepreneurial family. Working at his family’s small business beginning at a young age taught him the value of honesty and integrity—important values in the practice of law. After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in economics, Joel spent several years in Boston before moving to Chicago to study law at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago. There, he met Andrew L. Kass. After they received their law degrees, the two went into practice together in 1992. Mr. Moses currently lives in Glenview, Illinois with his wife Christine and their two boys, Nicholas and Daniel.