Next Steps for a Cyclist Hit By a Car

POSTED BY Andrew Kass||

If you are a cyclist hit by a car or you know a cyclist who was recently struck, you are likely facing some confusion as to how to proceed. Navigating police reports, insurance representatives, and medical professionals is like a full-time job- and you have too much on the line to go it alone. That’s why we recommend that any cyclist struck by a car contact Kass & Moses right away for guidance. Here is an example that better explains our process:


• Contact Kass & Moses for a quick, no obligation phone consultation. We’ll ask you to tell us about your bike crash, as well as give us details about your medical condition. We may ask to see a copy of the police report, if there was one. We’ll talk to you about how the law applies in your state and will provide you guidance on how next to proceed. In many cases, we will explain to you how we can help you recover fair and just compensation.

• We will set up a time to visit with you in person. Often times, we will come to you. We understand that after a crash, you are juggling a lot of balls. You are dealing with injuries, facing medical appointments, and still navigating day to day life throughout it all. That is why we do everything we can to make life as easy for you as possible.

• As a cyclist hit by a car, you probably have police reports, medical records, and other documentation. We will help you collect all this documentation. During this time you may receive phone calls from the insurance company. With Kass & Moses on your side, we will handle these phone calls so that you can deal with recovering from your injuries. Most often, initial offers from the insurance company are insultingly low, and might not even be enough to cover your medical bills. We will take care of communications with the insurance company so that you can rest easy.

• We will put your mind at ease with regular communication every step of the way. We understand that after a bicycle crash with a car, your life has been turned upside down. That’s why we communicate with you regularly. We are always just a phone call away, and are always happy to give you the status of your case. We take pride in dealing with our clients transparently – we are open and honest with you throughout your experience. You have suffered enough already!

With one phone call to Kass & Moses, we can get the ball rolling on your case. There’s nothing to lose, and we can help you gain a strong settlement. If you are a cyclist hit by a car, we want to hear from you- so call today!