How to Maximize Bike Accident Compensation

POSTED BY Andrew Kass||

It is important to maximize bike accident compensation after a bicycle crash. As anyone who has been involved in a significant bike accident can tell you, expenses skyrocket quickly. Let’s consider what happens in the days and weeks following a bike accident.


• The Day of the Bike Crash: After being involved in a bike crash, you need to seek medical attention. Even if you feel like your injuries are not severe, you should get checked out. Signs of concussions are sometimes easy to miss, and head injuries are common, even with helmet use. For many injured cyclists, medical bills will be enormous. Ambulance and EMT care, imaging tests like xrays and CT scans, and physician and emergency room fees quickly add up. The result? Often thousands of dollars in bills, even with insurance coverage. In addition to your medical expenses, your bike has probably been damaged as well. With some bikes costing thousands, this can be a major loss.

• The Weeks Following the Bike Crash: If your injuries are significant, you likely need to take time off work in order to recover. This can mean that you no longer have a paycheck coming in. Most families quickly feel enormous pressure when their income is cut off suddenly. At a time in your life when your bills are higher than ever before, your income is zero. This obviously makes for a very stressful situation, and explains why it is crucial to maximize bike accident compensation. You may be faced with weeks or even months off work. Few of us could maintain our normal lifestyle for months with no income.

• The Months Following the Bike Crash: Often, physical therapy and other medical care continues for months after your bicycle accident. You may require additional assistance to perform everyday tasks, and may need to wear a brace or other device to ensure you protect your body as it heals. Even though you may have returned to work, each day brings a new wave of medical bills. Now your physical pain is replace by huge amounts of stress. Fortunately, by having a bicycle accident attorney on your side, you can rest easy. An experienced bike attorney like the team at Kass & Moses will work to maximize bike accident compensation for you, so that you can enjoy life again. By putting them in charge of your case, you can rest assured that the problems you have faced over the past few months will be relieved.

No one wants to be involved in a bike accident, and no amount of money is ever enough to compensate someone from the pain of their injuries. Insurance companies put their own needs first, and rarely look out for the best interests of cyclists. That’s why it’s important to have Kass & Moses on your side. We can help you maximize compensation for your injuries, so call today!