5 Reasons Why Fat Bikes Are Taking the World by Storm

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Fat Bikes

Fat Bikes Offer Alternative to Indoor Workout

Fat bikes are converting winter couch potatoes to avid bikers, and changing cycling to a four-season sport. No longer is cycling in the snow a taboo undertaking. Fat-tire bikes, or fat bikes, look similar to mountain bikes. The tires are thicker and wider, with deep groves and reduced air pressure. The result is improved traction, grooves that grip the ground, and air pressure that allows you to ride over the surface of the snow rather than sinking in.

If snowy days have kept you from enjoying biking, it might be time to try out a fat bike. Whether you rent one for the day or take the plunge and buy one of your own, you will find these bikes to be an enjoyable (if cold) ride.

Benefits of Fat Bikes

  1. It’s EASY to learn to ride! Riding a fat bike is much like riding any other bike, and in fact, many find it easier than mountain biking. The workout can be a bit grueling for those new to cycling, so start on a level terrain with hard, packed snow. You’ll find that you make the transition easily and quickly forget there is snow beneath your wheels.
  2. It’s an amazing workout. Compared to riding on a paved road, you will get a much better, deeper, and more thorough workout. The snow requires a stronger effort from your legs and more power due to the terrain. Your legs will get a more thorough workout as they both push and pull against the grip of the snow.
  3. The scenery can’t be beat. I’ve seen many beautiful spring and summer days, but there is something about a winter morning, with fresh snow covering the ground in a pure white sheet. It takes your breath away as you bike through an ocean of white! You can cover great distances and traverse through more areas than you could on skis or a snowboard, so you will be privy to some great views that only bikers can get.
  4. It is great for your heart. Fat bikes provide an INTENSE cardiovascular workout that is hard to beat. If you are used to taking out your bike and struggling to get your heart rate up, let me assure you that won’t be a problem on a fat bike. Your heart will pound, and fear not- you won’t be cold for long no matter what the weather may be!
  5. Speaking of weather- any weather works. Rain, snow, wind… anything goes. Your fat bike will handle exceptionally in any type of weather. The grip from the tires is unlike that of a bike, and will help you feel secure in any type of weather.

Fat bikes aren’t cheap, but many resorts have daily rentals for a reasonable price. If you are visiting a resort this season, it is definitely worth it to try one out. It may quickly become your new favorite bike!

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