19th Cyclist This Year Killed in NYC

POSTED BY Andrew Kass||

A tragic crash took the life of a cyclist on Sunday in New York City. This accident, which occurred at the intersection of Coney Island Avenue and Avenue L in Midwood, took the life of a 52-year-old male cyclist. The crash, part of a chain of events, began when an 18-year-old motorist driving a silver Dodge sedan ran a red light while traveling south on Coney Island Avenue. The car struck a blue Honda which was moving east on Avenue L. The force of the impact sent the Honda onto a nearby curb where it struck the cyclist and a pedestrian.


The cyclist was transported to nearby Coney Island Hospital, where he died from his injuries. The pedestrian and drivers of the two cars suffered non-life-threatening injuries. This latest fatality is the 19th so far this year in New York City, a tremendous increase over 10 bicycling fatalities in all of 2018. Despite efforts to improve infrastructure for cyclists in the city, more cyclists are being injured and killed in crashes.

In July, Mayor Bill DeBlasio forwarded an initiative to increase the number of cycling lanes throughout the city. This is the latest surge by the city to improve safety for cyclists. But are they going far enough? As we become more aware of the ecological damage caused by the millions of cars on our roads, we must be ever cognizant of the fact that number of cyclists and pedestrians on city streets will increase. This increase should be supported by the city, both by making improvements in infrastructure and in the penalties and prosecution of those who do not respect the rights of cyclists.

At Kass & Moses, we put the needs of cyclists first. New York City is not alone in its recognition of an increase in cycling fatalities. In fact, hundreds of cyclists are killed each year across the country. So many of these deaths could be prevented simply by installing bike lanes and other appropriate safety features. In our work, we clearly see that you cannot place a monetary value on the loss of a life. Surely then, you also cannot place a monetary value on the prevention of deaths.

If you or a friend have been hurt in a cycling collision, contact Kass & Moses right away for a free consultation. With over 25 years of experience representing injured cyclists, we understand your needs and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.