What Is Biker’s Arm?

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Our body exhibits a number of innate reflexes meant to protect us from harm. When we are falling, we naturally use our arms to protect us from the brunt of the blow. Whether we draw them into the body in a side fall or reach forward or back to absorb the impact of a fall forward or back, the behavior natural helps protect the vital core of our body in a crash or fall. Unfortunately, that means that in a motorcycle crash, your arms often bear the brunt of the damage. We represent injured bikers, and we have seen the results of hundreds of crashes. Biker’s arm is a frequent injury, and treatment can be tricky.


Symptoms of Biker’s Arm

1.     Use of the shoulder and upper arm, but lack of sensation in the hand and fingers.

2.     Use of the hand and fingers, but lack of sensation in the upper arm and shoulder.

3.     Paralysis of the arm.

4.     Unusual sensations through the arm, hand, and fingers.

Nerve compression can cause a lot of problems, from numbness and tingly to loss of sensation and paralysis. In a motorcycle crash, the arm often takes the brunt of the impact, whether you land on it directly or use it to brace your fall. Those hundreds of pounds of pressure can compress the nerve and cause damage. Often that compression is compounded by swelling in the soft tissues of the arm, shoulder, and hand. This means that you may not notice the extent of the nerve injury until hours of even a few days after the motorcycle crash. Unfortunately, nerve damage takes time to heal. This means you may face numbness, paralysis, or unusual sensations for an extended period of time.

Individuals who work with their hands require their dexterity to earn a living. Having biker’s arm can mean that you need to have your work duties adjusted or even may be unable to work for a period of time. Medical professionals may be able to prescribe medication to help relieve the pain and reduce swelling, but healing takes time. Sometimes a course of physical therapy can be helpful as the sensation returns to the arm and hand. These treatments can be expensive, so it’s good to make sure that your motorcycle insurance company will provide you with adequate compensation after a crash.

If the nerves are simply compressed, they usually will heal with minimal treatment over a number of days or weeks. But nerves that are broken or severe nerve injuries may need months to heal. During the healing period, sensations will slowly return to the damaged area. This can mean tingling, pins and needles, and aching sensations in the hand, arm, and shoulder. Symptoms of nerve compression and biker’s arm can be intermittent. That means that some days you might feel well, and other days you may have troubling sensations, pain, and numbness.

Victims of motorcycle crashes and biker’s arm need to have an experienced motorcycle lawyer on their side. If you or a loved one have been in a motorcycle crash, contact 1-800-MOTORCYCLE to learn how we can help you get the compensation you deserve. The road to recovery from biker’s arm can be painful and frustrating, but with Kass & Moses on your side, we will battle to get you the compensation you deserve so that you can focus on your recovery.