Motorcycle Driving Performance Worse in Morning

POSTED BY Andrew Kass||

We all know that riding a motorcycle comes with some degree of risk. But a recent study sponsored by the French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research found that the time of day you ride can play an important factor in your reaction times. The study also considered the effects of sleep deprivation on motorcycle driving performance.


The study had bikers ride at different times of the day, after a night of rest or a night of sleep deprivation. During these sessions, the bikers completed several tests including a low-speed stability test, emergency braking test, and a crash avoidance test. Significant results indicate that at low speeds, performance levels increase throughout the day. Emergency braking also seemed to improve as the day progressed. Also, sleep deprivation negatively impacted stability, emergency braking, and crash avoidance.

Bikers ride knowing that mere seconds and feet can mean the difference between a nice ride and a tragic crash. That is why studies like this are so important: knowing when you can (and cannot) safely ride allows you to make informed decisions to improve safety. If you have not slept well, it’s best to avoid riding your motorcycle. And you may want to either skip those early-morning rides or, at least, be aware that your reaction time may be delayed.

For some, the delays in response time can be enough to put them at risk of being involved in a motorcycle crash. Unlike car drivers, bikers are fully exposed to injury and even relatively minor crashes come with major, sometimes catastrophic injuries. And while not all accidents can be avoided, we encourage all bikers to make wise decisions and ride based on their ability level and only when they can remain vigilant and focused on the road.

Of course, no matter how safe you are, you can still be involved in a motorcycle crash due to the negligence of another driver on the road. That is why we recommend that all bikers keep 1-800-MOTORCYCLE saved in their cell phone. A motorcycle crash can happen in an instant, and it’s critical to have a professional by your side. At Kass & Moses, our team has over 25 years of experience representing injured bikers. We provide a free initial consultation and can even take your call from the site of your crash. Rest assured, we will stand by your side to get you fair and just compensation.