How Can I Protect My Rights After a Motorcycle Crash?

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If you have been hurt in a motorcycle crash, even if you may be partially at fault, you need to take action now to protect your rights to compensation. The days following a motorcycle accident are a whirlwind of activity. If you are injured, you likely face hospitalization, possible surgery, and ongoing medical visits. During such a challenging time the last thing you want to do is manage a flurry of phone calls from insurance adjusters. What you must realize, however, is that the actions you take following a motorcycle crash can determine your financial recovery.


At the Law Firm of Kass & Moses, we urge all injured bikers to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a crash. Do not assume that since you did not visit the emergency room after the crash you are unable to seek compensation for injuries, though. Sometimes you experience pain and other signs of injury at the time of a crash. But other times, signs of injury develop days later. This can occur if you have a head injury, as the symptoms of a concussion can take some time to develop. If you have been hurt, get checked out by a medical professional.

Do not accept blame for the crash. Even if you might have been partly at fault, simply accept that the crash happened, exchange information with the driver, and answer any questions from law enforcement honestly. In many crashes, drivers are found liable for striking the motorcyclist. But even if you may have been partly to blame, you may still be able to recover some compensation for your injuries and other losses depending on where you live.

Be careful what you say to the insurance adjuster. Again, answer questions truthfully, but honestly. If they ask you how you are feeling, for example, don’t automatically say “fine.” It’s a habit we all are guilty of, but saying you feel fine can be construed as an admission your injuries were minor. Instead, be honest but keep your phone conversations short. Advise the insurance adjuster that they should speak with your attorney.

This is where the Law Firm of Kass & Moses comes in. You need a good attorney, an experienced attorney who has handled hundreds of motorcycle crash cases. We handle cases nationwide, with a group of attorneys well-versed in motorcycle law. It is important to have someone who truly knows how the law works for you. After all, you want the law to work in your favor.

If you are concerned about how to recover compensation for your motorcycle injuries, contact the Law Firm of Kass & Moses today at 1-800-MOTORCYCLE. You’ll be given a free, no obligation phone call and we’ll offer you honest, fair advice. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making the call.