Facial Injuries in a Motorcycle Crash

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Facial Injuries in a Motorcycle Crash

Our face is our window to the world. No one wants to suffer disfiguring scars on their face for the rest of their life. Facial lacerations and injuries can be especially disturbing. They can be very painful and in the end result in disfigurement. Facial injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are very common and can be serious.

Facial Injuries in a Motorcycle Crash

Lacerations to the face commonly occur in motorcycle crashes. Skin abrasions, like those that occur with road rash, are also common. The facial injuries should be treated promptly by a medical professional. Rocks, dirt, and other bits of debris need to be carefully cleaned from the wound. Without this, these bits of debris can lead to infection which can result in further scarring. 

The skin on the face is very sensitive and is prone to scarring. Lacerations on the face are often treated by plastic surgeons as they specialize in minimizing scars. Sometimes the damage is so significant that surgery is required in order to repair the damage as much as possible. In such cases, scarring can be extensive. 

Minor to moderate lacerations can be treated with stitches or, in some cases, steri-strips. These special strips of tape hold the skin together and allow it to heal. Never attempt to care for cuts to the face by yourself. This can lead to invasive infections and severe scars. Although the thought of scars might not seem too bad if you are a rugged biker, be warned that your mom will not be pleased!

Never assume that cuts or lacerations on the face will heal on their own. They must be treated and stitched within a set period of time, usually 6 to 8 hours. Otherwise, the skin can be approximated but not stitched for risk of infection. Stitches will need to remain in for between 4 and 14 days and then removed by a doctor or other medical professional. If your scarring is severe, you can attempt some treatments after the area has fully healed. These treatments can help minimize the appearance of your scar, but are not guaranteed to work.

Motorcycle accident victims will often be assessed for head injury and traumatic brain injuries. Unlike facial injuries that are obvious, injuries sustained to the head and the brain may be hidden. Such injuries can be particularly dangerous, as swelling and bleeding on the brain can result in permanent disability and can even be fatal.

Dental injuries and facial fractures are also common in motorcycle crashes. No one relishes the idea of sitting in a dentist office for hours getting work done. Motorcycle crash eye injuries are also common, and can affect eyesight if not treated properly. As with any personal injury, prompt medical treatment is key.

The costs associated with facial lacerations and cuts are high. Stitches are usually placed by a specialist, and in all but the very best cases, a scar will result. Some bikers will be left with disfiguring scars that will affect them for life. No one wants to wear the results of a motorcycle crash on their face. What is the cost of a scar? What is your image worth?

Facial Fractures

Diagnoses of facial fractures, like a broken jaw or nose, can be made with x-rays at the hospital. More serious facial fractures may require advanced scanned, like a CAT scan for diagnosis. Although the eventual outcome of these facial injuries is usually good, complications can occur. In some circumstances, surgery will be required. Facial trauma is especially painful and bones can require weeks or even months to heal.

Helmet Use Reduces Facial Trauma

When a helmet is not worn, the face and head are fully exposed and have nothing to protect them from the force of impact. Even those wearing helmets, however, can suffer serious facial and head injuries. Although helmets provide some protection from facial fracture and concussion, these injuries are still common.

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