Dental Injuries in a Motorcycle Crash

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No one wants to spend time in a dentist’s chair, which is one of the reasons that dental injuries from motorcycle crashes are so upsetting. Your smile is the way you greet the world, and broken or missing teeth and other dental injuries can make you feel like less of a person. These injuries can be immensely painful, and there is an emotional stigma attached to people with missing or broken teeth.

Dental Injuries in a Motorcycle Crash

When compared with head injuries and fractures, suffering dental injuries may seem insignificant. But these injuries alter your appearance and can interfere with your ability to communicate, eat, or breathe freely. Operations to insert plates and screws in the jaw are notoriously painful, and recovery time can be extensive. Dental injuries should never be downplayed as “minor” injuries. 

Dental Injuries from a Motorcycle Crash Consist Of:

Missing teeth: Teeth that have been knocked out in a motorcycle crash must be replaced, often with costly implants. If you fail to have the tooth replaced or wear a bridge of false teeth, you risk shifting of your other teeth over time. This can alter your smile and can lead to premature loss of your other teeth.

Chipped teeth: If you have suffered a chipped tooth in a motorcycle crash, you may think you have gotten off easy in terms of injuries. But chipped teeth, especially those that extend near the nerve, can be very painful. These injuries are often repaired with crowns or veneers, which are extremely costly.

Maxilla and Le Fort fractures: These fractures affect the upper jaw. These fractures can be disfiguring and can affect your ability to breathe, eat, drink, and speak. Maxilla fracture repair often requires surgery with the implantation of plates and screws in order to stabilize the jaw. Healing requires both time and patience.

Fractured mandible: A mandibular fracture is a fracture of the lower part of the jaw. This type of fracture can interfere with your ability to open your mouth and speak or eat. Treatment for these fractures is usually surgery and it is common for the surgeon to wire the jaw shut in order to allow for appropriate healing in the correct position. This further limits your ability to speak, eat, and drink for a period of time.

Never neglect a dental injury. Some injuries, like chipped teeth, may seem insignificant when compared to major physical injuries, but when ignored, these problems can progress. A chipped tooth that is not treated appropriately can lead to decay and the loss of the tooth. If repair is possible at a later time, it may cost significantly more than it would have had it been sought immediately after your motorcycle crash.

Dental injuries, due to their nature, can be emotionally upsetting. Fortunately, with appropriate and prompt care, disfigurement can be reduced and often eliminated. Scarring, missing teeth, and problems with jaw alignment can all be minimized with the help of modern medicine. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons have experience treating dental and facial injuries while preserving aesthetics.

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