8 Tips for Dealing With A Motorcycle Insurance Adjuster

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As a motorcycle accident lawyer with nearly three decades of experience representing injured bikers, I work hard to prevent my clients from accepting low settlement offers from motorcycle insurance companies. Sometimes these offers aren’t even enough to cover medical bills, and leave the injured biker out of work with no way to pay their basic household bills.

Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

When you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash, one of the first calls you will receive will be from a motorcycle insurance adjuster. They will quickly try to determine the nature of the crash and the extent of your injuries. They will likely offer you an amount of money to settle your claim. 

Reject their offer and contact the motorcycle accident attorneys at the Law Firm of Kass & Moses immediately! We understand the way insurance adjusters operate and are able to use their tactics against them to help you get a fair and just settlement.

So often, insurance adjusters try to befriend you over the phone. They may ask caring questions, listen to your story, and offer their sympathies. But the bottom line is that they are out for their own interests, not yours. The insurance company succeeds by paying out as little money as possible. This means limiting your compensation, no matter how much motorcycle insurance coverage you may have. We believe this is unjust.

Remember the claims adjuster is looking to benefit their company's bottom line - not yours. When it comes to your personal injury claim, you owe it to yourself to get legal advice from a law firm experienced in handling motorcycle crash cases. Motorcycle accident claims are complex and can involve bias against bikers by both police and adjusters after a motorcycle crash.

You have faithfully paid your insurance premiums for years. When it is time for compensation, the insurance company should play fair. That means taking into account your medical bills, but also your pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages that you have incurred. No matter what your coverages may be, we can work to get you fair treatment.

NEVER accept an offer from the insurance company without first talking with a motorcycle crash attorney. Here’s why:

1 You are likely taking painkillers and other medications that may alter your thinking.

In the days and often weeks following a crash, your physician will probably prescribe you painkillers and possibly other medications to help alleviate your pain. These medications can help you feel much better, but they can also make it difficult to make good decisions. Often, these drugs make you feel euphoria, an overwhelming feeling that everything and everyone is good. When you feel on top of the world, you may think that the insurance adjuster is your friend, and that the amount of money they are offering is fair for your suffering. But it is important to make this decision only when you can think clearly, without any painkillers that may alter your feelings.

2 Your mind may be muddled due to injuries.

Most bikers sustain some degree of head injuries in a motorcycle crash. Unfortunately, these injuries can make it difficult to focus and think. Your physician may suggest that you try to rest your brain as much as possible and not make important decisions. Sometimes, unscrupulous insurance adjusters will try to take advantage of your confused state. It is important to never ever accept their offer without seeking the advice of an attorney first, especially if you may have suffered head injuries.

3 You are probably scared of how you will pay your bills.

Let’s face it: medical bills are frightening. A visit to the emergency room can easily result in tens of thousands of dollars of bills. If you have to be admitted to the hospital for treatment, your bills will skyrocket. Even after you are released from the hospital, you will likely be unable to return to work until you recover. This could mean days, weeks, or even months without pay. It’s frightening to imagine how you will take care of yourself and your family after a crash. Insurance adjusters know you have a lot on your mind, and are anxious about bills. That’s why they offer to quickly and easily settle your case, but this often means accepting far less money than you deserve. In fact, often these settlements won’t even cover your basic expenses after the crash.

4 Insurance adjusters are trained to offer low-ball amounts of money.

Their whole tactic is to do whatever it takes to get you to settle your claim. The insurance company loses money when they pay your claim. By getting you to settle for a small amount, they prevent paying a large claim to you and help their employer save money. For them, it’s all about business, but this is YOUR life.

5 The insurance company is your friend… until it isn’t.

At first, the insurance company will seem to genuinely care about you. They’ll offer you money right away, they will seem concerned about your injuries. But remember that the insurance adjuster is not your friend. If you truly want someone on your side, call a motorcycle accident lawyer at Kass & Moses.

6 It’s free to get advice from a motorcycle accident lawyer at Kass & Moses.

An initial consultation can put you on the path to recovering tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you are injured, this money is essential to help pay bills and support you as you recover. Mortgage bills, car payments, and food expenses continue, even when you cannot work. Don’t accept a low-ball offer without first consulting a motorcycle attorney.

7 The insurance adjuster may try to make you feel like the bad guy.

If you don’t accept their initial offer of a settlement, the insurance company may turn on you and make you feel like YOU are taking advantage of THEM. They may accuse you of exaggerating your injuries or may even imply that you are to blame in your crash. Remember that with a motorcycle accident lawyer from Kass & Moses on your side, we will talk to the insurance companies. We will represent your case so that you can focus on recovery rather than endless, badgering phone calls.

8 It’s difficult to determine the extent of your injuries in the days and weeks following a crash.

Most of us have been in a car or motorcycle crash before. Initially after the accident, you may feel okay, but in the days or weeks following, you may discover hidden injuries. These injuries can be especially daunting for bikers, who are not protected by the cage of a car. A biker may initially only notice some road rash and minor aches and pains after a crash and assume they are fine. But in the days or weeks following, they may experience back or shoulder pain, or may notice signs of a concussion. These injuries will require medical treatment and may even mean surgery. If you accept a “quick and easy” settlement, you stand the risk of not covering subsequent injuries that may present later.

It’s critical to have a motorcycle accident lawyer on your side after a motorcycle crash. The experienced team at Kass & Moses are different from most lawyers: we are bikers, as well. We understand the need to get back on your bike and recover so that you can take care of your family. We believe in brotherhood (and sisterhood) and fight to help you get back to your riding family.

Call on Kass & Moses right away, at 1-800-MOTORCYCLE for a free consultation. One of our motorcycle accident lawyers will speak with you and help you determine how best to proceed. You may be leaving thousands of dollars on the table by trying to go it alone. Contact the team with over 25 years of experience handling these cases. We value with attorney client relationship and put your needs at the forefront of the case at all times.