5 Stylish Casual Motorcycle Riding Boots

POSTED BY Andrew Kass||

When it comes to safety, few of us give motorcycle riding boots a second thought. Sure, durable boots are important, but most of us fail to consider the variables that set one motorcycle boot apart from the next. Casual motorcycle boots are more than just comfort - they are protection in the event of a potential crash. But still, you gotta look good! In this blog, we will feature 5 stylish casual motorcycle riding boots that will provide you with protection in the event of a motorcycle crash.


Harley-Davidson Mens Riddick Boots - These boots may be one of the most traditional styles on the market. They are black (of course), rugged, and bear the Harley-Davidson name. When it comes to motorcycles, that trifecta equals awesome, and these boots won’t disappoint. These boots feature a full grain leather upper,8-inch shaft height, and abrasion protectant overlays. They are meant to withstand the abuse that comes with riding yet look stylish. They even have air vent zippers for additional comfort. If comfort, protection, and style are the features you value, you can’t go wrong with these boots.

Xelement 1440 Classic Mens Black Engineer Boots - These boots feature an 11-inch shaft and are also constructed of full grain leather. Different in style from the Harley-Davidson boots these motorcycle riding boots come with two large buckles on the front. They offer ample flexibility and comfort through some complain that they feel a bit loose. These boots even come with cushion insoles so you can feel great wearing them throughout the day, not just on your bike. They feature a technologically advanced design for added safety.

King Rocks Men’s Full Throttle Harness Casual Western Motorcycle Boot - This boot is far more casual in both appearance and design. The shaft is just 7 inches of oiled full grain leather and the boots have a cushioned footbed and a leather heel. With no buckles, straps, or laces to contend with, the boots offer an easy on, easy off style and a nice, stylish appearance both on and off the motorcycle.

Bruno Marc New York Men’s Stone Motorcycle Combat Men’s Oxford Boots - These boots don’t offer quite as much protection as the others, but they certainly aren’t lacking when it comes to style. Also, at $30, the price simply can’t be beat. These boots are more of a combat style boot with zipper closure. They are fur-lined for comfort and feature a faux leather upper with a classic round toe design. These boots may not be the best bet for longevity as they are so inexpensive, but the price can’t be beat.

Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Trooper Leather Men’s Motorcycle Boots - This boot is a bit different as it is front lacing or has a zipper on the side if you prefer. They have a freedom flex sole construction which allows for a comfort fit. These are heavy (over 5 lbs), rugged boots that will take any use and abuse you throw their way. They are stylish enough to wear out but will look perfect on your feet when you are out riding with the crew. The boots are both non-slip and oil-resistant, so they’ll help protect you from falls in addition to providing protection for your feet if you crash.

No matter much protection your boots offer, they will be of little help in a crash if they are too loose on your feet. When you crash, your feet drag along the ground. Boots that are loose will come right off, exposing your feet to asphalt (and trust me- socks do no good if this occurs). Try on a few different pairs of boots or, if you purchase them online, don’t be afraid to return them if they don’t fit properly. Make sure the laces are tight and the boots are secure on your feet. And remember that the boots will become looser over time, so search for a tight fit when you first purchase your boots.

When you are in a motorcycle crash, the proper gear can help protect you from road rash and other injuries. But in a severe crash, even the best gear won’t be enough to keep you safe. If you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle crash, contact the experienced team of motorcycle crash lawyers at Kass & Moses. They will happily speak with you and will help determine if you have a case. They can help you get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. Have Kass & Moses on your side - call 1-800-MOTORCYCLE today!