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Have you been the victim of a motorcycle accident in New York? If you have, it's important to act quickly and secure the services of an attorney who is experienced in New York traffic law. At Kass & Moses, we help injured motorcyclists recover losses from medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Our track record of large financial settlements and successful courtroom verdicts is unmatched in the industry. We are proud to act as advocates for our clients throughout their recovery process.

New York is considered a No-Fault insurance state, but this does NOT apply to motorcycle accidents. If you've been the victim of a motorcycle accident, you are entitled to seek compensation from the responsible party for any losses you’ve incurred. The law even allows you to pursue a case if you were found to be partially at fault in the crash — so regardless of what the accident report says, you may still be entitled to a potentially large recovery.

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Attorneys Serving Brooklyn, Long Island and New York City Motorcyclists

On the road, motorcyclists are vulnerable — and it takes only seconds for a careless driver to impact the rest of your life. The potential for catastrophic injury is high, and even seemingly minor injuries can have lasting effects. The aftermath of a crash should be a time of recovery, but the threat of financial devastation can prevent access to the level of care you need. At Kass & Moses, our attorneys will fight for your rights, help you recover your losses, and help you get the compensation you deserve to get your life back.

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The weeks following a motorcycle crash in New York can seem endless. Between medical care and appointments, calls from the insurance company, and handling your injuries and time away from work, you may feel like you just cannot handle anything else. This is one of the reasons it can feel unbearable when the insurance adjuster starts calling. They want details about the crash and your injuries, and usually quickly contact you with a settlement offer. Beware the initial settlement offer! It is invariably a very low offer of compensation in the hopes that you will settle your claim. 

As motorcycle accident lawyers with a combined five decades representing injured bikers, we are familiar with the tactics insurance companies use. They want to contact you at this most vulnerable time and present you with an insulting offer of compensation. They know many people will be eager to receive money quickly, as medical bills are mounting. But by contacting a motorcycle lawyer, you are greatly increasing the likelihood that you will receive fair and just compensation for your injuries. 

New York Motorcycle Law

Requirements for legally riding a motorcycle vary from state to state. The Kass & Moses team can confidently answer your questions about the specifics of New York's motorcycle laws. Below are a few rules of the road that every local rider should keep in mind:

  • Unlike most other motor vehicles in New York, motorcycles are registered for one year rather than two.
  • A child of any age can be a motorcycle passenger in New York State.
  • For motorcycle models made in 1971 and after, brakes are required on both wheels.

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