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Have you been the victim of a motorcycle accident in New York? If you have, it is important to act quickly and secure the services of a New York City motorcycle accident attorney who is experienced in traffic law. At the Law Firm of Kass & Moses, we help injured motorcyclists recover losses from medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Our track record of large financial settlements and successful courtroom verdicts is unmatched in the industry. We are proud to act as advocates for our clients throughout their recovery process.

New York is considered a No-Fault insurance state, but this does NOT apply to motorcycle accidents. If you've been the victim of a New York motorcycle accident, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries from the responsible party for any losses you’ve incurred. The law even allows you to pursue a case if you were found to be partially at fault in the crash — so regardless of what the motorcycle accident report says, you may still be entitled to a potentially large recovery.

If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident, call the Law Firm of Kass & Moses today for a free consultation and case evaluation. There is no obligation, and there is never a fee unless we win your case. It is important to have proper legal representation as soon as possible after your motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle accident injuries are often severe. When a motorcycle accident occurs, the biker is fully exposed to impact and injury. In fact, fatal injuries can sometimes occur. Broken bones, road rash, traumatic brain injuries, and other serious physical injuries are common. While most vehicle accidents result in minor injuries, crashes involving motorcycles usually result in the most significant injuries. This is because bikers do not have the benefit of airbags, seatbelts, and other safety devices. Instead, they are fully exposed to the brunt of impact.

Recovery from such severe injuries can take weeks, months, or even years. Ongoing treatment, like physical therapy, is both time consuming and costly. It can mean expensive medical bills and also time away from work. And for some motorcycle accident victims, long-term disability can impact their job and ability to make a living.

For these reasons, it is critical to obtain maximum financial compensation. Medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and long-term disability can be tremendous and overwhelming after a motorcycle accident. It is important to have a New York City motorcycle accident lawyer representing your case. At Kass & Moses, we will go up against the insurance company and seek fair and just compensation for your personal injury case.

Attorneys Serving Brooklyn, Long Island and New York City Motorcyclists

On the road, motorcyclists are vulnerable — and it takes only seconds for a careless driver to impact the rest of your life. The potential for catastrophic injury is high, and even seemingly minor injuries can have lasting effects. The aftermath of a crash should be a time of recovery, but the threat of financial devastation can prevent access to the level of care you need. At the Law Firm of Kass & Moses, our attorneys will fight for your rights, help you recover your losses, and help you get the compensation you deserve to get your life back.

Contact us for a free consultation as soon as possible. Our personal injury lawyers will examine your case, explain your options, and work with you to determine your next steps. Do not let your medical expenses fall back upon you. Let us fight for your present and future medical treatment and get you the compensation you deserve for your New York motorcycle accident.

The weeks following a motorcycle crash in New York can seem endless. Between medical treatment and appointments, calls from the insurance company about your injury claims, and time away from work, you may feel like you just cannot handle anything else. This is one of the reasons it can feel unbearable when the insurance adjuster starts calling. They want details about the crash and your injuries, and usually quickly contact you with a settlement offer. Beware the initial settlement offer! It is invariably a very low offer of compensation in the hopes that you will settle your claim. 

As New York motorcycle accident lawyers with a combined five decades representing injured bikers, we are familiar with the tactics insurance companies use. They want to contact you at this most vulnerable time and present you with an insulting offer of compensation. They know many people will be eager to receive money quickly, as medical bills are mounting. But by contacting a motorcycle lawyer, you are greatly increasing the likelihood that you will receive fair and just financial compensation for your injuries. 

Thousands of motorcycle accidents occur each year in New York. The bikers involved in these motorcycle crashes are often violated after the fact when the insurance company offers them a very small amount of compensation for their injuries. In the case of some motorcycle accident claims, this compensation offer may not even cover the most basic of medical care. Remember, no matter how nice they may seem on the phone, insurance companies are not going to put your interests first. We, as motorcycle accident lawyers work for you. It is our job to seek compensation that is appropriate. Compensation should cover not just your present but also future medical bills, and should be commensurate with the extent of physical injury you have suffered.

Do not trust just any New York City motorcycle accident lawyer with your case. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing injured bikers. We choose to focus our firm on the motorcycle accident personal injury cases because we ride, too. The individualized needs of motorcycle riders are very important to us, and we work to eliminate the bias some insurance companies and law enforcement officers have against motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Serving New York

When you contact the Law Firm of Kass & Moses, you will speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer with over two decades of experience representing victims of motorcycle accidents. We chose to represent motorcycle accident victims exclusively because we ride, too. We understand the motorcycle world, the lingo, and the desire to get back on your bike. Motorcycle accidents are our career, and we take pride in supporting New York NY bikers.

To speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer or for a free consultation, contact us as soon as possible at 1-800-MOTORCYCLE. We handle cases throughout New York and can take cases nationwide. Do not let the insurance company get the best of you - we will fight for fair compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and more. If you have suffered a serious injury in a motorcycle accident, reach out to us and speak to a personal injury lawyer today.

What To Do After a New York Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents in New York are not uncommon, but the steps you take following your motorcycle crash can help determine whether you will recover fair and just compensation or be left struggling with unpaid bills and lost wages.

It is important to call for police and emergency medical technicians to respond to the scene of your crash. This is vital even if the car driver left the scene or it was a single-vehicle collision. Paramedics are trained to look for the signs of injuries and assess your medical condition. And police officers will write up a thorough report.

The paramedics will perform tests on you at the scene of your motorcycle accident to determine whether or not you have a concussion. Concussions, or traumatic brain injuries, are one of the most common injuries incurred in a motorcycle crash. They can occur even if you were wearing a motorcycle safety helmet. They also can check your vital signs and assess for another other major injuries.

If the paramedics suggest that they transport you to the hospital, it is best to go and get checked out by an emergency room physician. If not, you still should visit a doctor if you have any signs of injury. Signs of injury may include a lingering headache, confusion, or pain in any area of the body. People are often surprised that the pain from a motorcycle crash does not necessarily show up immediately. Sometimes the pain does not really strike for a day or two, so be aware of any symptoms you may have during this time.

Having a police officer on the scene of your motorcycle crash is helpful. They can assess what occurred, take detailed notes, and collect contact information from anyone else involved in the crash. In addition, they can talk to any witnesses at the scene about what happened.

If possible, it is good to collect contact information from witnesses yourself, as well. This is especially important if there is any conflict or confusion about what occurred. These witnesses may be able to back up your side of the story. At the very least, they can clarify what happened and answer questions.

The moments surrounding a motorcycle crash are often hazy and confused. Taking pictures and talking to witnesses can help clarify what happened and when. Remember, never admit guilt or responsibility for the crash. Do not admit that it was your fault, even if you feel fairly certain that it was. We often want to accept responsibility and try to soothe feelings, but doing so can limit your ability to get compensation you deserve.

Follow any guidance that your doctor gives you. This means that if your doctor suggests additional tests or a course of physical therapy, you follow through with it. Some people try to cut corners in an effort to keep their medical costs low. This can result in injuries that linger and do not heal well, and also is a sign to the insurance company that your injuries may not be as severe as you claim. Better to follow the advice of your doctor completely and adhere to all of their recommendations.

Contact an experienced New York motorcycle accident attorney like one of the lawyers with the Law Firm of Kass & Moses. When you contact us, you will receive a free, no-obligation case analysis. During the conversation, we will listen to and consider the details of your crash and your injuries. We will ask questions and determine how much compensation is fair and just in your particular case. Be careful not to work with a law firm that uses cookie cutter tactics. Our firm takes pride in handling each case individually, and determining what actions are best for each client.

By calling 1-800-MOTORCYCLE today, you can rest assured with the knowledge that you are in the hands of experienced professionals. Our firm has been focused on representing the needs of injured bikers for nearly three decades. We choose to

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Head injuries are among the most common motorcycle accident injuries that occur. Even if you are wearing a helmet, your head is often when your motorcycle crashes. Head injuries are often referred to as traumatic brain injuries or concussions. Even mild traumatic concussions can be serious and can result in damage to the brain.

The signs of a mild concussion include a headache, nausea or vomiting, confusion, difficulty speaking or slurring words, ringing in the ears, and sleepiness or grogginess. If you experience any of these symptoms after crashing your motorcycle, get checked out by a doctor or other medical professional right away. Concussions are serious. In fact, studies have shown that even mild concussions are connected to neurological disorders like Parkinson's disease and dementia later in life. Concussions also raise your risk of suicide in the weeks following your crash. Simply put, concussions should not be ignored. Getting prompt medical care is important.

Mild to moderate concussions require rest to heal. This rest period should have you removed from as much outside stimuli as possible. This usually means laying down in a quiet, darkened room and sleeping a good part of the day. As you heal from your traumatic brain injury, you will likely be unable to work.

More severe traumatic brain injury results in more serious repercussions. Permanent brain damage and even fatalities are possible. Remember that even though a helmet provides good head protection, serious brain injury can still occur. These more serious traumatic brain injuries usually result in a lapse of consciousness and can come with ongoing memory loss, mood swings, and difficulty regulating emotions.

With more serious head injuries, the motorcycle rider may not be able to return to work at all. Or, they may need to switch to a less demanding position. This can lead to major financial difficulties for the family, as a cut in income can mean a struggle to make ends meet. With cases like this, we consider the extent of the motorcycle accident injury and how it affects your life. Your personal injury claims will reflect the ongoing struggle that you face as you deal with the injuries incurred in your motorcycle collision.

Other common injuries include fractures or broken bones. Most commonly these occur in the arms and legs, but fractures to the ribs, hands, or feet are not unusual. Fractures can be very painful and usually require an extended period of time to heal. While healing, fractured bones must be immobilized. This means that movement is restricted and may make it difficult or impossible for you to work.

Some severe fractures may require surgery in order to place pins and immobilize the affected bones. This surgery is painful and leaves scars. Even after recovery, you may require a period of physical therapy to help restore movement and flexibility. Physical therapy takes many appointments and can be expensive.

As your health care costs add up, it becomes even more vital to seek compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries. Often, the insurance company will reach out to you with offers to settle your case and pay your bills. Keep in mind these offers are notoriously low, and may not even cover the most basic bills you receive. Without a motorcycle accident attorney on your side, you will likely not receive all of the compensation you are entitled to under the law. Remember that the insurance company wins and prospers by awarding you as little money as possible.

Insurance adjusters are trained in negotiations. They know how to befriend you as you are healing. They may seem caring and kind-hearted, when they are really trying to manipulate your situation. They may be simply putting out a persona that does not reflect how they truly feel. Ultimately, their performance in their job is based on them giving you as little money as possible.

At the Law Firm of Kass & Moses, we excel when we get you the maximum compensation you are entitled to under the law. We put your needs first, always. We are not out to restrict the money you have coming to you. Instead, we seek compensation that will cover all of your bills and reward for any pain and suffering, lost wages, and any other losses you have experienced. We put your needs and the needs of your family members first, always. With one quick phone call to 1-800-MOTORCYCLE, you will be well on your wait to recovering the money that you deserve.

Motorcycle Safety

All motorcyclists should know about proper safety precautions. Motorcycle safety can prevent some accidents, and can prevent injuries in others. Head injuries are common after a motorcycle crash, and traumatic brain injury can be life-altering (and even fatal, in some cases). Wearing a helmet reduces your risk of head and even some spinal cord injuries in a motorcycle crash. Proper gear can reduce injuries to the hands, face, and other sensitive areas of the body. It can also reduce your risk of road rash.

Distracted and impaired drivers are the cause of tens of thousands of accidents each year. Be wary of all vehicles on the road and do not assume that other drivers can see you. Motorcyclists are often overlooked, especially when drivers are on their cell phones or adjusting their equipment. Our legal team represents bikers each year who have been involved in a motorcycle crash with a drunk or otherwise impaired driver. These accident cases often involve serious injuries. Be aware of all drivers of the road, and remember that as a biker you are more exposed to potential injuries.

Taking a motorcycle safety course periodically is a good way to stay abreast of bike safety as well as any changes in the law and how they may affect you. Your motorcycle insurance company may offer a discount simply for completing one of these courses. Also, it can result in a safer experience for you on your motorcycle. Many motorcycle accident victims take a course prior to riding again, just to help them regain confidence.

Finally, it should go without saying, but never drink before riding a motorcycle. Riding impaired greatly increases your chance of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

New York Motorcycle Law

Requirements for legally riding a motorcycle vary from state to state. The Kass & Moses team can confidently answer your questions about the specifics of New York's motorcycle laws. Below are a few rules of the road that every local rider should keep in mind:

  • Unlike most other motor vehicles in New York, motorcycles are registered for one year rather than two.
  • A child of any age can be a motorcycle passenger in New York State.
  • For motorcycle models made in 1971 and after, brakes are required on both wheels.

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