Never Ignore a Headache After a Motorcycle Crash

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If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash and the only pain you feel afterwards is a headache, you may feel like you got off lightly. After all, broken bones, internal injuries, and severe road rash are very common after a crash. But what may feel like “just a headache” may actually indicate a further injury. For this reason, we recommend that anyone who has been in a motorcycle crash sees a physician for an assessment.


What may feel like a minor headache may actually be the beginning signs of a concussion or traumatic brain injury. Often times, when we think of concussions we envision people with severe head injuries, but it is important to understand that even minor concussions can have serious ramifications. Do you notice how the NFL and boxing world are being much more careful about head injuries? That is because studies have shown that even small concussions can produce lasting damage in the brain.

Signs of a Minor Concussion

  • Headache or a feeling or pressure or tightness in the head
  • A dizzy feeling, or feeling like the room is moving slightly
  • Having trouble remembering what happened
  • Feeling nauseous or vomiting
  • Ringing in the ears

These symptoms point to a concussion. For some people who develop post-concussion syndrome, they won’t develop these symptoms until a couple days after the crash. Remember that the brain is the consistency of gelatin, and any jarring or sudden impact that occurs can cause lasting damage.

Treatment for a concussions centers around physical and mental rest. Most individuals who have suffered from a concussion are told to rest in a quiet, dark room, as much as possible. This is because noise, light, and any physical activity can cause your concussion symptoms to intensify. The goal of treatment is to allow the brain to heal. As the brain heals, you can slowly begin to reintroduce your normal activities, like reading, watching tv, or talking with a friend. But reintroducing mental or physical activities too soon can cause a return of headaches and other symptoms.

Recovering fully from a concussion after a motorcycle crash will probably mean taking some time off work. Lost wages can add up considerably, especially as it can take weeks to recover fully. That’s why you should not settle with an insurance company until you speak to a motorcycle crash attorney. What may seem like a little headache and some dizziness after a crash may result in weeks away from work! Do not take head injuries lightly. To speak to an experienced motorcycle crash attorney, call us today!