Low Settlement Offer After a Motorcycle Accident

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Receiving a low settlement offer after a motorcycle accident seems like the ultimate insult. You pay your insurance premiums, so why isn’t the insurance company there for you after your motorcycle crash? And what can you do to help you receive more money after your crash?

Low Settlement Offer

Imagine this scenario: You were involved in a motorcycle crash, struck by a distracted or simply inattentive driver. You broke your leg, suffered some road rash, and had a concussion. You had to be transported to the emergency room from the scene for your injuries. You are clearly not at fault, so, despite your injuries, you feel confident you will recover financially.

In the days following your motorcycle accident, possibly before your injuries have even healed, you receive a phone call from the insurance company. The adjuster asks you about your injuries and the facts surrounding the crash. You fill him or her in as best you can, and they let you know you’ll hear from them soon. The next thing you know, you receive a settlement offer – that is shockingly low.

It’s a common story. Insurance companies are in business to make money, and they can’t make money if they pay out large settlements after every car or motorcycle crash. Therefore, their first offer after a crash is always low. It may not even be enough to cover basic medical bills. They do this because many people will accept these low offers, not realizing that they have rights and can fight for more.

A Motorcycle Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

Fighting the insurance company (and winning) requires a lot of knowledge and experience. This is where an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer comes in. With dozens of years of helping injured bikers get the money they deserve, we have the knowledge base necessary to go toe to toe with the insurance company.

If you want to receive more money in your motorcycle accident settlement, you have two options: either you can fight the insurance company yourself, or you can hand your case over to a team of motorcycle injury attorneys and rest assured your case will be handled professionally. When you choose to put your case in the hands of the team at the Law Firm of Kass & Moses, you can set your mind at ease knowing you case will be handled competently, and with care and professionalism.

At the Law Firm of Kass & Moses, we pride ourselves in providing excellent service to our clients. When you call many motorcycle accident lawyers, you speak with a receptionist or, if you are lucky, a paralegal. When you contact us, you will speak directly with an experienced attorney: one who has handled hundreds of cases involving injured bikers.

We contact the insurance company directly with the details of your case and a settlement offer that works in your favor. Many times, the insurance company accepts, knowing that you have the weight and knowledge of a team backing you. Other times, there is a negotiation to determine a FAIR settlement. This is where our team excels. We fight tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve: from medical bills to time away from work, from disfigurement compensation to disability compensation.

When you fight the insurance company yourself, you are at a great disadvantage. You simply do not have the decades of experience in law to understand the complexities surrounding these cases and your rights. That’s why you should put your case with our team – so you can feel at ease knowing your case will be handled with the utmost care.

For more information about your particular case, and to speak with a motorcycle lawyer in your area today, contact the Law Firm of Kass & Moses today.