How to Sell an Old Motorcycle

POSTED BY Andrew Kass||

1.     Be realistic when pricing your used motorcycle. Your motorcycle rapidly decreases in value when you drive it off the lot. A used motorcycle is worth only a fraction of the amount of a new motorcycle. You can help preserve the value of your motorcycle by performing regular upkeep and keeping maintenance records for your bike. Still, don’t expect to be able to sell a motorcycle you have used for close to the purchase price.

2.     Clean and polish your motorcycle so it will show well. No one wants to buy a bike that has been neglected. Show that your motorcycle has been cared for by taking the time to clean it and polish it. Buff away mild scratches and apply detail paint to deeper scratches. If your bike requires any repairs, either get them done or be prepared to take a hit when it comes to your selling price.

3.     Gather all your maintenance records. If you have kept a detailed log of maintenance you have performed- perfect! If not, try and gather up receipts for work you have performed yourself or had done in the shop. If you have your maintenance done at a shop, you may be able to get a printout detailing the work they have performed.


4.     Don’t be afraid to share details about your motorcycle with potential buyers. It’s important to be honest when selling your motorcycle. No one wants to purchase a motorcycle he has been assured runs great with no problems only to find out it has major issues.

5.     List your motorcycle honestly and expect to haggle. There are a variety of different websites that you can use to list your motorcycle. When you list it, be honest about any significant flaws it might have. Also, price your bike a bit higher than what you want to get for it. Most buyers are going to want to haggle, so expect to get 10-20 percent less than your asking price. But don’t price it too high, as that can turn off potential buyers.

6.     Meet the buyer in a safe place. Most people that you deal with are honest, great people. But there are a few bad people who may be out to steal your bike or even do you harm. It’s always best to meet in a public location where you feel safe. Also, make sure someone knows where you are going, who you are meeting (and their contact information) and when you expect to be back.

Selling your motorcycle can be stressful, but with a little care you can have a solid deal and get a good price for your bike. To learn more about how to find a great motorcycle for sale or other great motorcycle tips, read our motorcycle blog.