How to Get Your Confidence Back After a Motorcycle Crash

POSTED BY Andrew Kass||

If you find yourself with no confidence after a motorcycle crash, you are not alone. Many bikers who have been involved in a crash find themselves hesitant to ride again. Even if the crash was a relatively mild one with no physical injuries to speak of, mentally recovering from a motorcycle crash can take time.


Think back to your first time on your motorcycle. Sure, you knew it was a little dangerous but the thrill of the open road was enough to offset any potential hazard in your mind. For most of us, we don’t give a lot of thought to being in a motorcycle crash – until it happens to us. And though a motorcycle accident occurs in just seconds, the effects can linger, even if you are fortunate enough to walk away without injury.

As the old mantra goes, if you fall off your horse, get right back on. The longer you go without riding your motorcycle, the more your insecurities about riding can grow. If you and your bike are both still in riding condition, hop back on and hit the road! Don’t assume that because you went down once, it will happen again. Many bikers ride for years without any problems.

But for some bikers, it’s simply not that easy. Some bikers find that they are filled with a feeling of numbness and a desire to avoid riding. They may question their riding abilities and wonder if they could have avoided the crash. Left unchecked, these feeling can even evolve into depression. In such cases, it’s best to call on the support of friends, especially fellow bikers.

Many bikers can relate to the feeling of fear and a lack of confidence that can come after a motorcycle crash. Simply engaging with others and discussing your situation and your concerns may be enough to begin to allay your fears. Talking with others, you will find that you are not alone, and that others bikers have also experienced a level of trepidation after a motorcycle crash.

If you still find that you aren’t quite ready to ride again, or that even the thought of riding makes you feel queasy, try just being near your motorcycle. Take some time to perform some maintenance. Polish it up and buff away any scratches or damage that might have occurred. Then, after you begin to feel comfortable being near your bike, take it out for a short ride. Don’t expect for your fears to miraculously disappear in a single day. Understand that rebuilding your confidence may take time. Being involved in a motorcycle crash can be traumatizing, and the recovery process, both physical and mental, can require weeks or even months.

Remember that your own thoughts can act as a self-fulfilling prophecy. The same can occur if others in your life constantly warn that motorcycles are risky. When you face that barrage of negative thinking- either of your own creation or by well-meaning loved ones, you may find that it proves to come true. Although we all know that riding a motorcycle does come with some risk, most bikers can agree that the joy of the open road outweighs the dangers involved.

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