Herniated Disc from a Motorcycle Crash

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Motorcycle accidents result in a jarring of the body. The flexible discs between each of your vertebrae are meant to absorb sudden shock and movement in the body. But sometimes the impact is so severe that these discs can be pushed out of place, bulge, or swell. In such cases, severe pain can occur. If you are experiencing severe back pain after a motorcycle crash, contact us right away to discuss your legal options.

Herniated Disc from a Motorcycle Crash

When most of us envision our spine, we see a number of different vertebrae, connected to the spinal cord. Although this image is correct, it leaves out critical elements like the discs and ligaments that hold everything in place. Without these discs cushioning each vertebra, the bones rub together, causing immense pain. When these discs are damaged, they swell and can cause intense pain. This pain can remain in the back or may extend along the nerve through the length of your leg(s).

Herniated Disc from a Motorcycle Crash- Treatment

Disc herniation is extremely painful and can keep you from performing normal, day to day activities. In addition to the pain, you may experience a loss of bladder or bowel control, and numbness or tingling down your legs. Back pain after a motorcycle crash is a sure indicator you should visit a doctor. An emergency room physician will probably perform an imaging test, like an x-ray, CT scan, or MRI. These scans can show damage to the spine and herniated discs. Most back injuries require a sequence of treatments, from least to most invasive. The emergency room doctor will likely refer you to a specialist for ongoing treatment.

An orthopedic specialist may recommend that you try physical therapy for a number of sessions as a first attempt to alleviate the pain. They may also prescribe some anti-inflammatories or other pain medication. Although physical therapy can be helpful, it often does not relieve the pain fully.

If your pain continues, your physician may use a steroid injection in an attempt to reduce the pain. These are sometimes effective, but often the pain relief is short-lived. In the meantime, you may continue to have difficulty working or meeting your normal obligations.

If the pain continues despite a full course of physical therapy and steroid injections, your doctor may want you to consider surgery. Back surgery should never be undertaken without much consideration as it is major surgery. This surgery often requires a stay in the hospital, and sometimes a rehabilitation center. Most people will require more physical therapy in order to fully regain function. Even with all these treatments, there is no guarantee that the pain will be gone completely.

As a personal injury lawyer who represents motorcycle and car accident cases, I have worked with hundreds of people with cervical spine and disc injuries. A person who suffered a herniated disc may be in extreme, debilitating pain or may just feel discomfort or twinges of pain when lifting or moving in a certain way. Spinal nerve damage is tricky in this regard.

Since the pain and debilitation associated with herniated discs and other spinal injuries range so greatly, settlements in these cases similarly fall over a great range. The insurance company will award a greater settlement to someone who requires surgery or has extreme pain and suffering. Accident victims who are not greatly troubled by the effects of their injuries are still entitled to damages, of course, but they will be smaller.

One of the most troubling concerns with regard to spine and neck injuries is that they can be progressive in nature. What may feel like a relatively minor injury at the time of the crash can result in increasing amounts of pain in the affected areas over time. That is why it is so crucial to seek legal advice as soon as possible after a crash.

The effects of a herniated disc from a motorcycle crash can linger for months or even years. That is why these injuries should always be taken seriously. No one wants to lose their independence or experience months of pain. And surely no one wants to face thousands of dollars in medical bills. If you or a loved one have a herniated disc in a motorcycle crash, contact Kass & Moses today.

With over 25 years of experience representing injured bikers, we know how to make the law work for you. We take cases nationwide and will come to you. Even if you are unsure if you want to pursue legal action, you should speak with an attorney to discuss your options. One quick, no-obligation phone call can help set you on the road to recovery. No one should suffer from a bad back after a motorcycle accident needlessly. Contact us for a free consultation and learn more about our nationwide service.