Arrest Made in Fatal Motorcycle Crash

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Travis Wall, 36 years old, of Bloomington, Indiana was arrested for the role he played in crash which killed a motorcyclist. Russell Stephen, 50, of Martinsville, Indiana was struck after Wall crossed over the double yellow line. Stephen was ejected from his motorcycle and died as a result of the injuries he sustained. Wall, who had been arrested three times previously for driving while intoxicated tested positive for the presence of methamphetamines. He failed dexterity tests at the scene of the crash. Wall was not injured.


As bikers, we realize that there is a certain risk we take each time we get on our bike. A certain degree of risk is part of the excitement of riding a bike. But that risk level skyrockets due to impaired, distracted, or intoxicated drivers, and it can result in a crash, injuries, and death. At Kass & Moses, we take cases like this very seriously. Russell Stephen’s life ended in an instant due to the actions of Travis Wall. Stephen’s family will be permanently scarred from this tragic loss.

Crashes in which drivers are intoxicated or otherwise impaired are the most egregious of all cases. All drivers know they place themselves and others at a greater risk when they drive impaired, yet thousands continue to do so each day. As personal injury attorneys and bikers ourselves, we take these cases seriously and fight diligently to get justice. We believe that cases such as these, where the “accident” could have been avoided, are the most tragic of all.

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