Serious Injuries and Wrongful Death | Motorcycle Lawyers

No matter how safe you are when you ride your motorcycle, crashes can occur. Sadly, some bikers experience serious injuries. These injuries impact the life of the biker and their family, and, in some cases, can result in a loss of life. In cases such as these, no amount of money can replace the life, longevity, and wellbeing of the injured party.

Dealing with the repercussions of a wrongful death or serious injuries in a motorcycle crash can be devastating for even the strongest of families. Even a large settlement does nothing to heal the damage done. Emotionally, physically, and financially these families will suffer for years to come.

Bikers take pride in their role as provider to their family, father or mother, spouse, friend, and employee. It is therefore particularly heartbreaking when they are no longer around to fill the roles they play in the lives of so many. When a driver’s negligence contributes to the loss of a life or the independence of a biker, there is simply no way to recuperate what is lost.

Why Call a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

In motorcycle crashes involving death or major injuries, it is vital to have an experienced motorcycle lawyer fighting for you. As you process the heartbreak and devastation of your loss, we will thoroughly investigate the crash. We will look into the details, speak with police and any witnesses, and determine if there is any video coverage of the crash. We will speak with the insurance company on your behalf so that you are free to focus on your family during this critical time.

In addition to the tremendous loss you have suffered, you likely face thousands of dollars in medical bills. Even with excellent health insurance, these bills can be too much for many families. They can add to your stress and weigh on you during this most difficult time in your life. We will work to help get you just compensation so that you can pay these bills and move forward with your life.

Loss of a spouse, friend, or loved one in a motorcycle crash is something no one should have to go through, but we can help. We will handle your case with the utmost compassion and consideration. We will take on the necessary strain of working to get you a strong financial settlement so that you can begin to move forward with your life again.

Call Kass & Moses today to speak with one of our motorcycle attorneys. We have over two decades experience handling motorcycle crashes and are prepared to work tirelessly for you to help get you maximum compensation. Rest assured, we will treat your case as if we are family, and will be just a phone call away should you need us at any time during this process.  Call 1-800-MOTORCYCLE for a free initial consultation. We will discuss your case, keep you informed on what you can expect, and help you through this most difficult time.