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For motorcycle lovers, life is all about freedom and the open road. Imagine, then, if that freedom is taken away when you are paralyzed in a motorcycle crash. In the blink of an eye you lose your ability to ride a motorcycle or even walk. Your life, and the lives of your family members, has changed dramatically.

Paralysis affects the area extending below the point of damage to the spine. Spinal cord injuries can be:

  • Cervical Injuries - These injuries affect the neck region and, although helmets provide some protection, still do occur in motorcycle crashes.
  • Thoracic Injuries - These injuries affect the mid-back region.
  • Lumbar Injuries - These injuries affect the lower back region or sacral part of the spine.

To understand how paralysis works, if the neck is damaged in the cervical region, right at the midline of the neck, the person will be paralyzed from that point down. If the damage occurs at the lumbar portion of the spine, the person will be paralyzed from the point of damage down, but will retain use of their arms, hands, fingers, and chest. This is referred to as partial paralysis.

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Living with paralysis requires ongoing medical care. State-of-the-art devices have been crafted to help paralyzed people function more independently. But these devices are costly, and can require adaptations to your home. Paralysis is a life-changing injury. Even partial paralysis means a lifetime of extensive medical care. Most people with full paralysis will require full-time in-home medical care or care at an inpatient treatment facility.  

Special medical equipment is needed to care for someone paralyzed after a motorcycle crash. In the case of partial paralysis, for example, the person will likely need a customized electric wheelchair and a special van for transportation. It is easy to understand why the costs for paralysis can easily extend into six figures. In addition, the medical needs of someone who is paralyzed are enormous, and these costs will continue for life. Even with excellent health insurance, your costs will quickly eat through any savings you have in reserve.

The trauma of a motorcycle crash that leads to paralysis extends beyond medical, however. Paralyzed individuals may lose the ability to work or to enjoy their hobbies. Their life activities will have to be altered to meet their restricted needs. No amount of money, no matter how high, is enough to help them fully regain their independence. 

In cases such as these, we seek the highest possible compensation. We want to do our part to ensure the family can focus on healing, recovery, and creating new memories.

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