Injuries Requiring Surgery | Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

In the blink of an eye, your life can change. One moment you are riding your motorcycle down the highway; the next you are waking up on the asphalt, bleeding and hurting. 

For many bikers, the harsh reality of this situation comes as a shock. A motorcycle crash, even a minor one, is emotionally jarring. Add to that the physical damage and you can see how unsettling an accident can be.

Why Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Sometimes injuries from a motorcycle crash are so severe that surgery is required. No one wants to undergo a surgical procedure, but in some cases it is necessary in order to treat broken bones or internal injuries. Undergoing surgery often means an extended hospital stay and follow-up visits. It also involves large medical bills, usually extending well beyond $10,000.
When a motorcycle rider is hurt in a crash, even if they may be partially at fault, the biker needs to seek out quality legal representation as soon as possible. Kass & Moses motorcycle injury attorneys will fight for your rights, and for fair and just compensation. 

Often, just days after the crash the insurance adjuster will start to call. They will ask you questions and inquire as to how you are getting along. You may think they are being considerate, and may even be inclined to have a nice chat with them. But remember, they will keep track of everything you say. 

The insurance company is not your friend. They are only looking out for their own bottom line. Instead of getting played by the insurance company, call Kass & Moses serious motorcycle injury attorneys. We will deal with the insurance adjusters so that you do not have to.
As you begin to recover from surgery, you may feel that the worst is behind you. Physically, perhaps that is true. But for many inured bikers, the real shock comes when they begin to face their own mounting medical bills. Medical insurance is helpful, but you could still be left dealing with thousands of dollars due for deductibles and copayments. Quite frankly, you need a miracle.
We know what it is like to feel alone and devastated by the financial implications of your crash. After the pain of surgery, the therapy visits, and the lost wages, to face mounting medical bills just seems like too much to bear. But do not feel that you have to go it alone. 

We have over 25 years of experience helping bikers who have been hurt in crashes. We know how insurance companies work and we understand their game. Because we understand how they operate, we know how to maximize your compensation.
When you contact Kass & Moses, you will be provided a free consultation with an experienced  motorcycle lawyer. He or she will listen to the details of your crash, ask some important questions, and help determine how best to help you. 

If we take your case, we will immediately begin an investigation, delving into the cause and outcome of your crash. We will work with professionals to analyze your medical records and police reports. And you will not be charged a dime until we have helped you receive compensation. 

Rest assured. With injury lawyers Kass & Moses on your side, you have a quality team working for you.