Broken Bones | Motorcycle Injury Attorneys

Broken bones are very common in motorcycle crashes. When a motorcycle crash occurs, there is little to protect the biker. The motorcycle helmet protects the head and neck, to some extent, and thick jackets, gloves, and gear can help prevent road rash. Still, wrists, arms, legs, and vertebrae are vulnerable, and broken bones are common.

Kass & Moses motorcycle injury attorneys are experienced in cases that involve broken bones and other injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents. We can help you seek compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial damage you may have endured due to a motorcycle crash.

Symptoms of Broken Bones

  • Swelling and bruising of the affected area
  • Pain with movement or pressure
  • Abnormal angle or position of the bone
  • Numbness or tingling through the area surrounding the break
  • An area of exposed bone
  • Inability to move the affected area

Broken bones must be treated by a medical professional in order to heal properly. This treatment often involves a series of imaging scans, like x-rays or MRIs. 

Some broken bones will require surgery to implant metal screws and plates to secure the pieces of bone together. Treatment often requires the use of a cast or other immobilization device, often for an extended period of time. After the bone itself has healed, you may need a number of physical therapy sessions. These sessions help you relearn and regain proper movement and strength.
Some fractures are so severe that, even with treatment, pain persists. In such cases, pain can make it difficult to achieve a full range of motion. It can interfere with your life for months or even years to come. When fractures occur, lingering pain and discomfort is not uncommon.
The costs related to broken bones, their diagnosis, and treatment can easily exceed $10,000. In addition, many injured bikers with broken bones will require time off work to heal from their injuries, attend therapy sessions, and focus on recovery. This can force you to juggle your basic household bills and struggle to make ends meet without an income, even as medical bills are piling up. 

All this stress can make it even harder to recover from your injuries. That’s why you need someone looking out for you.
If you have broken one or more bones in a motorcycle crash, it is important to have an experienced motorcycle lawyer on your side. The insurance companies and police are often biased against motorcycle riders, and may try to prevent you from getting fair compensation, even if the other party was clearly at fault in the crash. They may also try to discount your injuries and may not even offer enough to cover your medical bills.
The Kass & Moses team of personal injury attorneys believes injured bikers should be looked out for, not overlooked. From your very first phone call with us, you will be treated as a respected friend. 

Unlike the insurance adjuster, we are not biased against bikers. We have represented many injured bikers in our over 25 years of practice, so we understand your point of view. Rest assured that you will not receive any charges from us until we have won your case. 

We believe in putting bikers first, and we fight with every ounce of our being to get them the justice they deserve. Let us fight for you