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Washington Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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Specialized Attorney for Seattle Bike Accident Victims

Bicycle accident victims are often unaware of the levels of financial compensation they might be entitled to under Washington traffic law. At Kass & Moses, our attorneys have a comprehensive knowledge of Washington law as it applies to cyclists. We work closely with our clients to get the best possible settlements from insurance companies. If a trial is the only path forward, our lawyers boast one of the highest courtroom success rates in Washington.

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Personal Injury Attorney for Cyclists in Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane and Beyond

A momentary lapse in judgement from a motorist can result in catastrophic injury to a cyclist Even minor injuries can linger in the form of chronic pain or mobility issues that require long-term care. Here in Washington, injured cyclists can recover a percentage of damages even if you were partially at fault — if your injuries were severe, the amount could be substantial.

Have you been injured in a bicycle accident in Washington? Call Kass & Moses today. We will review your case, explain your options, and work with you to determine your next steps.

Washington Bicycle Law

Requirements for legally riding a bicycle vary from state to state. The Kass & Moses team can confidently answer your questions about the specifics of Washington's bicycle laws. Below are a few rules of the road that every local cyclist should keep in mind:

  • Current state law does not require helmet use by Washington cyclists.

  • Night bicycle riding without a white front light visible for 500 feet and a red rear reflector is unlawful.

  • Washington law states that cyclists may choose to ride on the path that suits their safety needs, whether it is a bike lane, shoulder or travel lane.

Resources for Washington Bicyclists:
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Chinook Cycling Club
Baddlands Cycling Club
Spokane Bicycling Club
Husky Cycling Club
Tacoma Wheelmen's Bicycling Club
Port Cycling
Three Rivers Cycling
BIKES Club of Snohomish County
Redmond Cycling Club
West Sound Cycling Club
Portland Velo Cycling Club
Mount Baker Cycling Club
Edmonds Bicycle Advocacy Group

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