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For over 25 years, the attorneys at Kass & Moses have fought to protect the rights of bicyclists who have been injured in accidents.  If you have been the victim of a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for medical bills,lost wages, and more. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about Michigan bicycle law and we will be your guide throughout this difficult time.

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Even with a helmet and riding gear, cyclists can suffer harsh injuries from the impact with a car, and then from the impact with the road. Injuries can result in lost wages, medical bills, and other related costs. Damages from a bicycle accident can add up quickly, even seemingly small collisions can result in long-term pain.The result of a crash can be terrible, and insurance companies will offer as little as they can get away with -but don't sign away your rights. You may be entitled to much more. The team Kass & Moses will stand up to the insurance companies and fight tirelessly to get you the compensation you need to move on with your life.

Michigan Bicycle Laws

Requirements for legally riding a bicycle vary from state to state. The Kass & Moses team can confidently answer your questions about the specifics of Michigan’s bicycle laws. Below are a few rules of the road that every local cyclist should keep in mind:

  • Cyclists must ride with the direction of traffic.

  • Cyclists must not pass between lanes of traffic.

  • A light is required on the front of a bicycle.

  • All bikes must have functioning brakes.

Resources for Michigan Bicyclists

Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society

Downriver Cycling Club

Flying Rhino Cycling Club

Genesee Wanderers Bicycle Club

Kalamazoo Bicycle Club

League of Michigan Bicyclists

Michiana Bicycle Association

Michigan Bicycle Racing Association

Slow Spokes Bicycle Club

University of Michigan Cycling Club

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