How much is my case worth?

POSTED BY Andrew Kass||

This is a very important question that can never be answered easily at the beginning of your case. Be very wary of any lawyer that will give you a dollar figure for what your case is worth right after your accident. There are many variables to determine this and many are not known right away.

Some of the important factors to determine the “worth” of your case are: the extent of your injury and how well you recovery; whether you were partly at fault; amount of medical bills; loss of wages; amount of available insurance coverage and assets of at fault party. Our highly qualified team of bicycle injury lawyers will be able to give you an accurate range of what you can expect to recover. Of course, depending on the seriousness of your injures, it may take several months or even years to know the full extent of how you were harmed. It is for this reason, it is important not to rush to a quick settlement with an insurance company. Once your case is settled you can never seek additional compensation for your injuries. Accordingly, it is important to be sure you are fully recovered from your injuries before accepting a settlement.