Why Do I Need Medical Attention After a Bicycle Crash?

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You've been in a bicycle crash, but your injuries don't seem that significant. You don't appear to have any broken bones but do have bruises and maybe some cuts. Perhaps you banged your head, but other than a bit of dizziness, you seem alright. Do you need to see a doctor? This is such a tough question, but after having worked with hundreds of individuals involved in bike crashes, we encourage everyone hurt in an accident to see a doctor right away.


Why Should I See a Doctor if My Injuries are Minor?

It's important to understand that what feels like minor discomfort right now may actually be indicative of a more severe injury. Let's consider what happens in a bike crash. The body releases a huge rush of adrenaline. This hormone helps to mask pain. Have you ever broken a bone in an accident or while playing sports? Perhaps you noticed that the pain was relatively mild at the time the injury occurred but increased in the hours following. The same thing happens with injuries incurred in a bicycle accident. You might notice some bruising or swelling but, in the absence of severe pain, you might decide to skip the doctor. But this can be a mistake. Untreated injuries can heal on their own- but often they heal incorrectly and you find that your pain after a crash increases in the coming weeks and months.

When an insurance adjuster considers your claim, they analyze your medical treatment. They want to know if you went to the emergency room or received some other type of treatment immediately after the crash. If you decide to wait a few days and then see a doctor, they may question the severity of your injuries. Even if you visit a doctor after the crash and are told that your injuries are minor, that simple visit documents you seeking treatment. If you wait a week or so and then go see the doctor, the insurance company may question why you decided to wait and may even wonder if your injuries could be attributed to some other accident.

Finally, some injuries need to be treated right away. If you have a cut that, after 15 minutes applying pressure, continues to bleed, it needs to be assessed for stitches. Cuts that are deeper than 1/4 inch or are caused by rusty or dirty objects should be checked out. Also, a doctor should investigate cuts on your hands or joints, face, or any cuts that are deep enough that the muscle or bone can be seen. Most wounds should be stitched within six to eight hours after the crash in order to prevent infection, so do not delay seeing your doctor.

If you have any questions about getting medical treatment after a bicycle crash, or just want to know if we can help you recover compensation after your bicycle crash, contact us today. At Kass & Moses, we will assess your case through a risk-free initial call and then explain how we can help you. We've fought for hundreds of injured cyclists- let us fight for you! Contact us today.