Tips to Treat Foot Pain from Cycling

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Foot pain from cycling is enough to turn a great ride into a miserable one. And the pain in your feet can often linger even after your ride is over. Many cyclists ignore their foot pain, which can lead to further irritation and even injury. Instead, follow these tips for address your foot pain and remedy the situation so that you can ride, pain-free, again.


Tips for Cycling Foot Pain

  1. Treat foot pain when the discomfort begins. Foot pain from cycling generally sets in slowly, beginning with some tightness and discomfort in the feet and progressing to pain. The best way to treat it is to address it as soon as the symptoms begin. Often the first signs of foot pain are a numbness or tingling in the feet when you are cycling. Heed these sensations of warnings of pain to come, and respond by cutting your ride short and determining the cause of the pain.
  2. Investigate the cause of your pain. If you are wearing a new pair of shoes or have had a fit adjustment, it may be simple to determine the cause of your discomfort. But sometimes the causes may not be so clear. Consider your time both on and off your bike. Have you recently begun standing or walking more often? Have you intensified your rides, especially hills or vigorous cycling? Most times that foot pain strikes, you should be able to determine the cause and make changes to your routine.
  3. Treat foot pain and swelling. When feet hurt, they often swell. That swelling produces excess pressure and can further intensify the pain. In order to relieve the pressure and swelling, elevate your feet. In addition, an anti-inflammatory medication, like Advil, can reduce swelling and also help relieve pain. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, as this will actually help rid your body of swelling.
  4. If you only have pain in one foot, consider that you may have injured your foot. A slight misstep is enough to strain the muscles and ligaments in the foot. If you believe you may have injured your foot, use a compression bandage to ice packs. If swelling increases or the pain worsens, see a doctor for treatment.
  5. Although most times, pain in the feet from cycling is transient in nature and is not related to anything serious, pain in the feet can also be sign of something more sinister. If you cannot determine the cause of your foot pain and if the pain does not decrease with elevation and the use of anti-inflammatory medications, see your doctor.

Foot pain from cycling can occur with or without injury to the foot. If you have been injured due to the negligence of a driver, be sure to reach out to Kass & Moses right away. We handle bicycle injury cases nationwide and will assess your case risk-free and help you determine how to get the proper compensation that you deserve.