Tips for Commuting by Bicycle during the Winter

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I plan on commuting during the winter this year.  In order to get some advice, I decided to interview some hard core winter bikers that I know.  I wanted to share some of the advice that seemed to be shared by everyone I spoke with.   Leading me to believe (like food reviews) this may be the most reliable advice.

First, everyone I spoke with will NOT commute when there is snow and ice on the ground.  They all said this was for safety reasons.  The risk of falling in front of a car or having a car slide into you was too great.

Second, most of the winter commuters (but not all), said that when the temperature falls below 20-25 degrees they consider not using the bike.  It seems that when the temperature gets below 25 it becomes increasingly difficult to find the proper attire.

Third,   everyone agreed that is critical to have very good lights and reflective gear.  There is much less daylight so you will be riding in the dark much more often.  In addition, cars will not be as likely to be expecting you on the road.

Fourth, it will always be your hands, feet and face that will be most difficult to keep warm.  It is important to not be “too” warm when you start or you will get over heated.

Have a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!!!

Well let me know your thoughts/experience of riding in very cold weather (less than 32 degrees).


Ride. Be Safe. Have Fun.


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