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As cyclists, it is our responsibility to follow the rules of the road. Unfortunately, even the most experienced cyclists are not always familiar with safe, lawful practices. Failing to understand cycling laws puts you at greater risk for being involved in a bicycle crash. Do you think you know all there is to know about bike safety? You may be surprised!

Bike Safety Quiz

The Bike Safety Quiz has been customized to meet the needs of adult cyclists, child cyclists, motorists, and truckers.

There are approximately 50,000 reported bicycle accidents in the United States each year. This number can be misleading. Many “minor” accidents are never reported, even if cyclists are injured. Common injuries in bike accidents include concussions (traumatic brain injury), broken bones, internal injuries, and scrapes and abrasions (road rash). These injuries can result in pain and suffering, lost wages, and emotional and lifestyle changes. Cyclists tend to be active, health-conscious individuals so injuries and the inability to lead a healthy lifestyle can be particularly upsetting.

As we know, one of the biggest issues in bicycle safety is teaching motorists (car and truck drivers) about safe cycling laws. Far too often, motorists impinge on cyclists’ rights. Such poor behaviors on the roads can lead to crashes. When a motor vehicle strikes a bike, the cyclist usually suffers significant injuries. In fact, such crashes can be deadly.

If just one death can be prevented by sharing this Bike Safety Quiz, we will feel we have made an impact. YOU, too, can also save a life by sharing this quiz on your social media feeds and with your friends.