Spinning Training is a Boon for Road Cyclists

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I’ve recently become enthralled with spinning training to boost my road cycling skills. My infatuation began over the winter months, when the cold, icy Chicago conditions kept me inside. After resuming road cycling, I found that I wasn’t dragging and having to push myself through the first few weeks of the season. Instead, I was well prepared to hop back on the bike and take off, tackling whatever terrain and conditions I encountered.

Spinning Training for Cyclists

Spinning Training Benefits:

Group cycling instructor and personal trainer Peter DiNunzio (Twitter: @PeterDiNunzio) shares his insight on spinning training. “I do a fair amount of outdoor riding myself and I find that the general spin classes are complementary for fitness and strength.”

DiNunzio continues, “One BIG advantage of spin class for outdoor riders, is that you can simulate a hill climb for as long as you want, or a distance run for as long as you want it by using your resistance and cadence and adjusting accordingly. That’s a HUGE advantage over being subject to the outdoor conditions. You can actually create a simulated hill or series of hills or distance flats. So it’s a great training preparation because you can control the time and effort in various simulations, without any of the traffic, distracted drivers, potholes or angry dogs in pursuit!”

As a bicycle crash attorney, I know well the dangers that cyclists face on the road. Personally, sometimes I struggle to focus on my stroke when I’m having to be wary of distracted drivers, drifting cycling lanes, and potholes. When I engage in spinning training, I can put aside these distractions and truly focus on my body and the signals it is sending me. I find it easier to push myself further and engage in a more intense workout.

Remember, YOU control your workout. Although your spin instructor is a fantastic guide, remember to ride at YOUR intensity. If you feel the class is too easy (or even too difficult), you can always adjust to make it more or less intense to meet your needs. Your instructor ultimately wants you to get the best workout possible so you keep coming back to class. As DiNunzio says, “The goal of my classes being “Every Class a Rock Concert” makes the intense workout fun and hitting the Peak Performance Zone with a group of friends is the best aerobics I’ve ever done. Never gets old.”

As always, I encourage you to ride safe, whether in spinning training or on the road. Should you ever be involved in a crash, even if you believe you might have been at fault, contact an experienced bicycle crash lawyer at Kass & Moses.