How to Tackle Your New Year’s Resolution to Bike to Work

POSTED BY Andrew Kass||

There are a number of tips for biking to work that will help you make your New Year’s resolution a reality. Just like as with every resolution, you need to make it something that is attainable. It’s simply not realistic to say that you will bike to work every single day in 2019. Some days the weather will make cycling to work miserable, on other days you might not be feeling well or you might need your car to run errands. Don’t set yourself up for failure. If you don’t normally ride to work, set a goal to bike to work two or three times a week.


Set a goal that is easily measurable. Keep a calendar and jot down the days that you commute to work by bike. This way, you can easily track your statistics. You might even want to note weather conditions, the route you took, or anything else you choose. As you move through 2019 and even into 2020, you can note each month how often you commuted to work. These measurable statistics will give you a solid footing when you assess how you performed throughout the year and plan for the coming year ahead.

Choose goals that are time-sensitive and time-based. Perhaps you want to commute to work 100 times in 2019. This is a solid, time-based goal. Even if you face horrible weather or take several weeks off work for a vacation, you should be able to meet this goal. Further, you can break the goal down into smaller chunks. If, at the end of March, you have only cycled to work ten times, you can be sure you are falling behind. If, on the other hand, you have cycled to work 40 times, you are a shining star and are sure to meet your annual goal.

The goal you set should be meaningful to you. Perhaps you want to commute to work to improve your level of fitness. Maybe you are worried about the environment and want to reduce your use of your vehicle. Whatever you motivation, really dig deep and analyze it. This analysis is sure to boost your desire to perform well throughout the year, especially as your interest wanes. If you want to lose weight, calculate how many calories you burn each day you commute to work. Then multiply that by the number of days you want to bike to work in 2019 and divide by 3500 (the amount of calories in a pound of fat). The final figure should be the amount of pounds of fat you would burn by cycling to work in 2019. No matter what your goal, make it concrete and motivating to drive you forward.

And finally, in this world of social media interest, you might want to share your goal with others. Friends can really motivate you to keep on path and propel you to greatness. Allow them to be a part of your resolution and encourage them to share their own journeys with you. It’s always helpful to have a team of friends to keep you inspired.

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