Getting Back on Your Bike After a Crash

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Ride a bicycle for long enough and you are going to crash. Whether it was just a minor crash into an open car door or a major head-on collision, you will have probably have injuries and require recovery time. The following tips will help you handle recovery (both physical and emotional) and readjustment to cycling again after the crash. The information provided here should not be considered a substitute for medical advice, and you should always consult your physician if you have questions of a medical nature.


Also, if you have been in a crash, please take a moment to call an experienced bicycle crash attorney like the professionals at Kass & Moses. Studies have shown that when you hire an attorney, you are likely to recover significantly more financially than when you go it alone. Even if you are uncertain if you have a case, a free consultation with a bicycle injury lawyer can help point you in the right direction.

  1. It happens. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned cyclist, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. Crashes happen to all of us eventually – and although safe cycling practices can prevent many of them, accidents can and will happen. With accidents come injuries, ranging from minor to life-altering. After a crash, it’s important to get medical attention, as proper treatment can mean better healing. Accept that returning to health probably means time off your bike. Sure, it will be a training setback, but in the long run some time off your bike won’t hinder you from meeting your goals. Consider this just another challenge that you face in cycling – except this time the challenge will be to get back on your bike again.
  2. Don’t shy away from medical treatment. No one wants to go to the doctor or hospital, but if you have been in a bicycle crash, medical treatment may be necessary. Sometimes doctors recommend a course of ongoing treatment, like physical therapy, and other times you might need to wear a cast or a brace for a period of time. Regardless of your treatment, your physician will probably recommend that you take it easy for a while. This means you need to stay off your bike. It’s important that you allow your body that appropriate amount of time to recover. Even if you feel better physically, your injuries require time to heal, and cycling too soon can put stress upon your body and result in a setback. Don’t take chances with your health – listen to your doctor’s advice.
  3. Take the time to recover mentally. Being involved in a bicycle crash can damage the psyche. Just as drivers are often scared to drive again after a car crash, bikers can feel that same trepidation after a cycling crash. It’s normal! You have been through a crash, have suffered injuries, and you are not eager to have it happen again. Remember, however, that crashes do occur and that most times injured cyclists walk away with only minor injuries. Try to assess what happened in your crash. Could proper safety precautions have prevented your crash or was it due to the inattention of others? Read up on cycling safety to help you feel in control of the situation. Following proper safety precautions will give you the ability to control your destiny by decreasing the chances you will be involved in a crash in the future.
  4. Gradually begin training again. When it’s time to get on your bike again, take it slow. Begin with a few gentle rides on even terrain. The goal should be to test your body for any signs of tension or pain. If you sense any pain or resistance, it’s best to rest a bit more and give your body time to recover. Healing from an injury and lack of use both tighten your muscles and joints. Take the time to stretch both before and after you ride to begin to loosen up again. Again, do so gently. The goal is to easy your body back into cycling slowly to not put undue stress on your injured areas. Gradually increase your training levels until you reach pre-injury levels of performance. This may take weeks or even months to accomplish, but in time it will happen. Be gentle with your body and yourself as you recover.

Remember that if you have been injured in a bicycle crash, it pays to have proper legal representation. Studies have shown that individuals represented by a bicycle crash attorney get significantly more money (even after attorney fees) than those who choose to battle it out with the insurance company on their own. We can handle the insurance company so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries and getting back on your bike again! Contact the team at Kass & Moses today.