Electric Bike Accident Do's and Don'ts

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Electric bikes have soared in popularity in recent years, and so have electric bike accidents. A decade ago, these bikes were mostly popular in Europe, but cyclists in the States are finally adopting the trend. Bike sales, including electric bicycles, have skyrocketed in recent months.

Perhaps the initial skepticism shown by some cyclists was due to the name. Many people envision electric bikes as similar to mopeds, where the driver simply sits as the bike moves along without any effort from them. The truth, however, is that these bikes are assisted by electricity, but powered by humans. The motor is powered by a battery, and that battery gains energy through pedaling. And, through this action, these bikes make cycling more achievable for all!

Electric Bike Accident

E-bikes allow everyone to adopt cycling – whether across the city or through the countryside. Long journeys are now achievable, and short jaunts are easier. Cyclists can use an electric bike and arrive to work without breaking a sweat, and delivery people can motor throughout city streets effortlessly. But despite all the benefits, many dangers remain.

Electric bikes are often ridden by amateur cyclists, who may not be familiar with safe cycling habits. And they allow riders to achieve higher speeds, which put them at greater risk. Injuries incurred in electric bike accidents include head injuries and concussions, broken bones, and back and spinal injuries.

Minor bike injuries, like scrapes and bruises, can be treated at home. But more severe injuries require medical treatment. Ongoing medical care can be expensive and result in thousands of dollars of unpaid bills.

If you have suffered an injury while on an electric bike, follow these do’s and don’ts to protect your rights. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries, even if you were partially at fault for the crash. Read on to learn what you should do after an electric bike crash.

Electric Bicycle Accident? You Should:

  • Contact police and emergency personnel – Even if your injuries do not seem severe, it is good to be checked over. Concussions are notorious for being difficult to assess, but first responders know the signs. The responding police officer will write a report detailing exactly what happened and what he or she observed at the scene of the crash. This report can be crucial when it comes to determining the facts regarding your case.
  • Get contact info of all involved – Although the police officer will collect information from those on the scene, they may miss witnesses who leave the scene. If you are able, take a moment and collect the name, address, phone number, and email address of any witnesses or anyone involved in the crash.
  • Preserve evidence at the accident scene – If there are injuries, leave the bike and any vehicles as they are until the police have arrived and performed their documentation. Take a moment to photograph any evidence of your e-bike crash. This can be areas of paint scraping on the bike or car involved, any skid marks, or damage to the terrain if you skidded off the road.
  • Go see a doctor as soon as possible after the crash – Remember that many injuries are obscured by an initial rush of adrenaline. Many cyclists will discover that they begin to feel pain in the hours after a crash. It is important to visit a doctor or emergency room as soon as possible. The physician will examine and treat you and record your injuries. These medical records are crucial when it is time to seek compensation.
  • Obtain a copy of the police report – You will be given a copy of the initial police report at the scene of the accident. Retain this as it documents information about the crash, those involved, and the police that responded.
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer – Before discussing your case with the insurance company, contact a personal injury lawyer. At the Law Firm of Kass & Moses, we have a combined five decades of experience representing injured cyclists. We know the laws well, and will provide a free, initial assessment when you call 1-844-BICYCLE.

You Should Not:

  • Leave the scene of the accident or remove anything until the police arrive. – Wait for the police to respond and complete their report. Do not leave or alter the scene of the crash in any way. Do not assume you are unharmed, especially if the crash was significant. It is easy to overlook injuries, especially with the rush of adrenaline that comes during a crash.
  • Say anything that could be construed as admitting fault. – Never admit fault, even if you believe you may be partly to blame. Many people naturally apologize after being involved in a crash, even if the other person is clearly at fault. Do not make any comments regarding fault in the crash.
  • Speak to, provide a statement, or sign anything given to you by the at-fault driver’s insurance representative without consulting with your attorney first. – The insurance adjuster may contact you soon after a crash. They often do this in an effort to get you to accept a small settlement. This can shortchange you and may not even be enough to meet your basic medical payments. Remember that you may require ongoing medical care, beyond what you received during your initial visit. Also, keep in mind you may need time off of work to recover from your injuries, especially if you have a concussion.
  • Avoid posting on Facebook or other social media about your crash. – Insurance companies can easily locate this information and can twist your words and use them against you. It is best to avoid posting about your crash online at all until you case is completely resolved. Riding e-bikes and being involved in a collision may seem like the type of life-changing thing you want to share with others, but posting information publicly can put you at risk of having your own words used against you.

Read the manual before you ride any e-bike. And do not forget to wear a helmet. Injury prevention starts before you get on your bike - choose take appropriate safety precautions.

Contact Our Bicycle Accident Attorneys

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With the proper representation, you may be able to receive a much larger settlement than if you were to go it alone. In addition, your lawyer will represent you and your case, giving you the opportunity to focus on recovery.

No one wants to feel alone after a crash- so contact the bicycle lawyers with over 27 years of experience.