Buying A Bike Online? | How To Buy A Bike On Amazon

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From artwork to Zumba DVD’s, massive retailer Amazon caters to nearly all our cravings. And yes, the cyclists among us can even order a new bike from Amazon. Great deals abound, but it can be challenging to find a superior bike on sight alone. Here are some techniques to help you get the most for your money when buying a bike on Amazon.


Although I believe most bikers will find the best bike for them at a local bike shop, Amazon has a lot to offer its customers. It’s fast, offers a variety of bikes, it’s inexpensive, and the return policies can’t be beaten. Amazon has a few decent brands of bikes Available. Although they typically do not carry high-end bikes, if you are searching for a starter or economy bike, it might be the place to go.

One of the reasons that Amazon is a great place to shop for a bike online is because they offer free shipping with Amazon Prime on many of their bikes. Remember- not every bike will be included in their free shipping policy, so check that out while you are in the selection process. Even better- in most cases two-day shipping will be free, meaning your bike can be delivered just a couple days after you order it. Suddenly this option is looking better.

Some of the Amazon bikes have a free assembly option if you elect to have them shipped to a local Performance Bike location. Or, in other cases, you can pay less than $100 to have your bike assembled by a mechanic. You are always free to opt to assemble the bike yourself or take it to a local bike shop for assembly. Remember- before you make your final purchase, be sure to ask your local bike shop if they will assemble it for you and ask what they will charge.

Returns on Amazon are notoriously easy with few if any, questions asked. Remember, however, that individual sellers on Amazon may have different return policies so it’s always good to check before you buy. Also, don’t take Amazon’s generous return policy too lightly. Although you can’t always believe everything you read online, one Amazon user noted their account was banned after returning a bicycle.  

If you are unsure what size bike to select, you can find helpful instructions online. If you are buying for a child whose size is likely to change, consider buying a bit larger than their current requirements. But don’t go too large or the bike will be unwieldy. Also, don’t forget to purchase a helmet. Amazon, of course, has a large selection of helmets in an array of different sizes and styles.

Think Amazon bikes are just for novices? Think again! The online retailer even sells Cipollini bikes which sell for as high as $10,000+. But don’t worry- you don’t need to break the bank. You can find a reliable  bike online for just a few hundred dollars. Be sure to check out reviews of the bike and manufacturer you are considering before you make a purchase. Just as in most shopping selections, some manufacturers are better regarded and produce a better quality product than others.

Another great reason to shop for an Amazon bike is that you can monitor for deals. If you have selected a bike but are hoping for a better price, apps like Price Tracker for Amazon and services like Honey will allow you to monitor for changes in price. Prices on Amazon fluctuate a lot, and what isn’t a bargain one day may be offered at clearance prices the next. For the best chance of catching a deal, narrow your selection down to four or five bikes and monitor their prices.

When you receive your Amazon bicycle, be sure to check it over. Look carefully for any dents or heavy scuffs on the packaging that may indicate potential damage to your bike. Scrutinize the frame of the bike carefully for any scratches and dents. Even if you plan to wait to assemble your bike at a later time it’s important to check it over for damages so that you can return it in a timely manner if necessary. Don’t be afraid to buy bikes online.

When you ride your bike, be sure to follow the safety regulations in your area. If you are new to road biking, check with your local Department of Transportation to learn about what laws might pertain to you. Ride safely and always be aware of others on the road around you. If you are involved in a crash, remember to take down the contact information of all others involved in the crash as well as any witnesses. If you have suffered injuries as the result of a bicycle crash, call Kass & Moses to speak with an experienced motorcycle crash lawyer right away. Their team of lawyers works to help injured cyclists recover the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Let them help you, too!