Bike Messengers Often Involved in Crashes

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Each year, bike messengers and injured or killed while doing their job. As city streets become more and more congested and little is done to improve infrastructure for bikers, we all face added risks. These risks are compounded for bike messengers, who may spend hours each day riding their bikes. Often these messengers work in the busiest areas of the city, increasing risks even further.

Bicycle messengers, or bike couriers, make a living delivering papers, parcels, packages, or food by bike. Sometimes these bikes are owned by the business, such as those often seen for food delivery. Other times the bicycles are owned by the courier. Through their deliveries, bike messengers often have to travel down side streets, alleyways, and through intersections not designated for bicycle traffic.

It should come as no surprise that bike messengers are often injured on the job. Sites like The Chainlink report that bike couriers are among the most injured employees in any profession. Bicycle couriers should all know what to do in the event of a bicycle crash.

Some cities, like Chicago, have enacted specific laws to deal with bicycle couriers who are injured in the line of duty. These laws address specific insurance policies that employees must carry to provide for bikers who are injured on the job. Because these laws may vary from state to state and even city to city, it is essential to find an experienced bicycle injury attorney who can provide guidance and help get you fair compensation for your injuries.

If Bike Messengers Are Involved In a Crash…

If you have been involved in an accident as a bicycle courier, it is important that you first seek out appropriate medical treatment. Do not assume simply because you feel okay and only suffer from minor scrapes or bruises that you are alright. Often, the adrenaline release that occurs during a crash, blocks indicators of pain and injury. Some injuries, like mild concussions, may seem minor at first but can cause ongoing affects.

After ensuring that you have received prompt and appropriate medical treatment, you also should notify your employer of the crash. Often workers compensation requires that employers have been notified within a short period of time and that appropriate paperwork is filed promptly.

Your next call should be to a bicycle crash attorney. Bike courier accidents can be very challenging under the eyes of the law. You may be eligible to receive compensation from a number of different parties. You may be entitled to workers compensation in addition to compensation from the individual who caused the crash and their insurance company. Fortunately, the experienced team of attorneys at Kass & Moses can guide you through this maze and help you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

As bike attorneys and bikers ourselves, we are aware that the roadways are fraught with hazards. We know that couriers take great risk in performing their duties and encourage them to protect their rights in the event of a crash.

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