5 Unusual Bike Accessories You Didn’t Know Existed

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Leather Wine CarrierThe latest, greatest bike gadgets and accessories always get my attention. I have to admit- I have probably spent more on various accessories and gear than I have on my bikes. Whenever a new item comes out, I love to check it out and often end up buying it. Sometimes these gadgets really do fill a need – and other times they are probably a waste of money.

5 Unusual Bike Accessories

  1. Chain CondomThe Bicycle Chain Condom – this appropriately named accessory is easy to use and can be applied in under a minute. No more worries about getting grease stains all over the place when transporting or storing your bike. It’s a rather novel idea for something that can be a big, messy problem. Verdict: Buy it!
  2. BIkefast PlateThe Bikefast Plate – Need an extra hand while eating breakfast or a snack on the go? Try out the Bikefast Plate. This unique device allows you to attach a small “plate” that, theoretically, will hold your food and cup while you eat. Until you hit a bump. Or turn a corner. Or… move? Verdict: Skip it!
  3. Bike Banana HolderThe Bike Banana Holder – This is exactly what it sounds like- a leather holster to secure your banana while you ride. I’ve never before felt the need for this, but I can see how a banana would easily get squished during a ride, making a mess. Still – with a price tag of $55, I think I’ll just risk a squished banana. Verdict: Skip it – unless you are a monkey!
  4. Leather Wine CarrierLeather Wine Carrier – At first sight, this is similar to the banana holder, except that this carries a bottle of wine. It has a wine bottle opener attached, so you never have to worry about getting to your destination and being unable to open and indulge. Still, it seems like this product encourages drinking and biking- something that is probably not a great idea. Verdict: Pass.
  5. SIVA AtomSIVA Atom – Don’t waste all that energy- convert it into electricity and charge your cell phone, gps, speakers, and more. The SIVA Atom attaches to your bike (and device) easily and allows you to charge up while you ride. An added plus is that you never have to worry about the battery in your cell phone dying while you are away from home. Verdict: Where have you been all my life?

What other unique or unusual bike accessories have you found? Are they winners or losers? Keep tabs on our blog and see other new items as they come out. And remember us as your resource for any bicycle accidents you may encounter.

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