5 Tips for Sore Arches after Cycling

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There’s nothing worse than getting off the bike and feeling that all-to-familiar sensation of sore arches. Arch problems are very common, with some causes being genetic and others activity-based. The structures of the feet are complex, and any pain that continues without relief, worsens, or is otherwise troublesome should be assessed by a qualified medical professional. There are some tips you can follow to relieve the foot arch pain you might experience after cycling.


5 Tips for Sore Arches after Cycling

  1. Ice your arches. Using an icepack, apply ice for 10-15 minutes each hour. The application of ice helps minimize swelling and also decreases pain. As your feet are sensitive to cold, I recommend wrapping your icepack in a towel so that it’s not directly on the soles of your feet.
  2. Pain relievers. Pain relievers, especially anti-inflammatory pain relievers, are another great way to reduce pain and swelling. If you are prone to arch pain after cycling, take an anti-inflammatory before you ride.
  3. Roll the pain away. Using a golf ball, tennis ball, or other small ball, gently roll the ball back and forth while applying pressure with your foot. This massages the tender area of the foot and can reduce tenderness.
  4. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Ease into some light stretches. Flex and point your toes, and then rotate your foot gently. These motions should be slow, and you should stop if you notice the pain increasing.
  5. Soak those dogs. Draw a foot bath. A warm water foot bath with Epsom salts can help relieve any muscular irritation. Make sure the water is warm, but not hot, as heat can worsen your pain. Allow your feet to soak away the pain.

If you regularly experience pain in your arches after cycling, you may want to get it checked out. One think that made a difference for me was changing up my shoes. Even if they fit comfortably, shoes can put pressure and stress on different parts of the foot. You may want to try out some orthotics, as well. You can have a pair prescribed, but I’ve noticed some high-end footwear shops now provide them in-house. Remember that the stress on your feet doesn’t end when you get off the bike. Are you on your feet too much at work? Are your shoes uncomfortable? Do you notice swelling in your feet at the end of the day?

What I have learned from experiencing painful arches after bicycling is that the pain is temporary and preventable. No one should experience ongoing pain after cycling, and if you do, you should investigate it further. As a bicycle accident attorney and avid cyclist, I’ve seen far too many preventable cycling injuries. Don’t let the carelessness of a motorist interfere with your life! If you or a loved one have experienced injuries in a cycling crash, contact me today to learn how I can help you get a fair and just settlement.