5 Tips for Cycling in the Rain

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Whether you commute by bike, ride for exercise or even compete, biking through the rain is inevitable. Rain conditions aren’t just uncomfortable – they can be dangerous. As bikers and bicycle crash attorneys, we know well the dangers associated with riding in the rain. From decreased visibility to slick roads, the tips listed below will help you stay safe during rainy rides.

Tips for Biking in the Rain
  1. Wear a pair of glasses! Glasses will protect your eyes from rain, mud, and debris. Colored lenses, like those that are tinted yellow or orange, will also help you see potholes, ruts, and bumps by increasing contract in cloudy conditions.
  2. Avoid slick spots. Especially when rain occurs after a dry spell, oils and dirt on the road combine with the rain to create a super-slick surface. Avoid any areas that have an oily sheen, stay off painted road lines, and watch out for puddles. If there is a downpour and the water is collecting on top of roads, see if you can find a safe place to stop until the worst of the rain is over.
  3. Don protective clothing. Waterproof jackets, shoe coverings, and even gloves are great for rainy rides. Some can be folded tightly so they can be easily carried with you during dry conditions, and easily used when the weather turns rainy. Staying dry is more about remaining comfortable than safe – but a dry ride will keep a smile on your face!
  4. Lower your tire pressure. If roadways are slick and there’s no sign of the rain letting up, consider going down 10-15 psi below normal levels. This will increase traction and help you ride more safely.
  5. Avoid potholes, ruts, and puddles. During dry conditions, these are often easy to gauge and avoid. But during a heavy rain, it’s difficult to determine which puddles and potholes are minor annoyances and which are real hazards. Because you cannot adequately determine the size and depth, you may find yourself damaging your bike or even your body in a crash. Your best bet is the maneuver and avoid these potholes and puddles completely.

Rainy biking may not be as fun as hitting the roads on a sunny day, but with proper precautions there is no reason to avoid it. Ride carefully, follow the tips above, and if you are involved in a crash, contact the bicycle accident lawyers who know biking best!

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