2019 Cycling Trends

POSTED BY Andrew Kass||

E-Bikes Abound – E-bikes help make cycling accessible to everyone, so it should come as no surprise that they are increasing in popularity. In addition, the price points for e-bikes are decreasing, making them more affordable than ever before. These bikes are especially popular among commuters who can now arrive at work without being a sweaty mess. In addition, the bikes allow riders to spend considerably more time on their bicycles without facing overexertion. While diehard cycling fans may frown upon them, there is no denying that e-bikes are here to stay.


Gravel Bikes – The market for gravel bikes is exploding worldwide. These extra versatile bikes ride well both on and off-road, making them an attractive alternative to owning two different bikes. Once a niche choice, these bikes have grown more mainstream and are sure to set sales records in 2019.

Cycling Later in Life – A rising number of seniors are choosing to hop back on their bikes. As the overall trend in cycling continues to grow, these outliers are becoming pedalers in their own right. Adult and senior communities abound with cycling groups – and many of these cyclists are far from amateurs. Sporting the latest in cycling gear, they can ride adeptly alongside any group.

Lightweight, Aerodynamic Bikes with Disc Brakes – Advances in bicycle design have set the new standard for an abundance of lighter, more aerodynamic bikes. Many of these bikes have shifted to disc brakes, as well. And don’t be surprised to see more of the new ultra-aerodynamic helmets on the heads of cyclists. The name of the game, as always, is speed. But lightweight bikes are also easier to maneuver and tote along with you.

Fashionable, Safe Gear – There is an ongoing trend in creating gear that is both fashionable and offers safety features. Whether you are a businessperson commuting to the office or simply a fashionista with a cycling hobby, you should be able to find gear that allows you to feel and look stylish and safe on the roads.

Further Efforts to Expand Cycling Infrastructure – With more cyclists riding than ever before, cities are forced to adapt and create the proper infrastructure. While some large cities were on the forefront of this trend, smaller communities and towns are hopping onboard. If you live in the suburbs, don’t be surprised to see an increase in cycling lines and signs urging drivers to “share the road.”

Virtual Competitions – The technology allows cyclists to compete virtually with friends (and strangers) from across the world. As this power increases in adaptability and decreases in cost, it will be adopted by even more cyclists. Virtual challenges for bragging rights and even to earn medals will expand throughout the nation and the world.

A Strive Towards Wellness – As recent studies have shown, cycling does more than just improve your level of physical fitness. Studies indicate it can help improve your state of mind, mental clarity, and even your mental health. One study even showed benefits to improving the symptoms of ADHD. These studies will continue, and more and more will indicate that the positive effects of cycling expand well beyond just physical fitness.

Sadly, in addition to these growing trends, 2019 will bring about many cycling crashes and even fatalities. For far too many of these cyclists, the road ahead will be fraught with medical bills, time away from work, and a changed lifestyle. If you or a loved one have been involved in a bicycle crash and want to discuss it with an experienced lawyer, call on the team at Kass & Moses. The answers are just a phone call away, so reach out today.