Texting and Driving | Bicycle Injury Attorney

We have all seen someone texting and driving. They are easy to spot. They weave about almost as if they are intoxicated, but when you look closely, you can see that they are texting while driving. 

Texting and driving is illegal in all states, many with hefty penalties on those found guilty. Despite the law, thousands of drivers still text, even knowing it increases their chances of being involved in a crash. Our distracted driver attorneys at Kass & Moses help texting and driving victims fight for justice.

Bike Injury Attorneys with Your Rights in Mind

Cyclists ride the roads exposed to potential injuries. With nothing but a bicycle frame and maybe a helmet as protection in the event of a crash, injuries can be especially severe. Broken bones, tendon and ligament injuries, concussions and head injuries, and even neck and spinal cord injuries are common. That is why it is so frightening to think that many drivers are more interested in a tweet or a message than they are your safety.
If you notice someone texting and driving, do your best to avoid them, even if that means pulling over and waiting for them to pass. Do not assume they will look up and see you, especially at intersections. They may fail to use their turn signal, change lanes quickly, or begin to proceed ahead before they look up from their phone. All of these things place you at great risk of being struck, so do your best to ride defensively and avoid them.
If you are struck by a driver and suspect they were texting before or as they struck you, it’s crucial to have someone working on your side. Most people will do everything they can to cover their tracks and hide the fact they were texting. That is why it is important to have a thorough investigation made into your case. 

At Kass & Moses, our distracted driver attorneys work diligently with law enforcement officials. But we don’t stop there – we often reach out to business owners and witnesses to get a full picture of what happened and search for any video footage that may exist.
Injuries from bicycle crashes can be severe. Even with prompt medical attention, you can face a number of weeks, months, or even years in pain. This may limit your ability to work or provide stability for your family. As the paychecks stop coming in, the medical bills begin to mount. Medical assessments, imaging tests, physical therapy, and surgery all mean that your medical bills grow even larger. 

When you are fighting for your own health and wellbeing, we do not think you should have to worry about how you will make ends meet.
When you call Kass & Moses, you will be provided with a free initial consultation. During this consultation you will speak with one of our experienced attorneys. With over 25 years of experience representing injured cyclists, we know how to make the law work for you. We work diligently to overcome bias against cyclists, and will do everything in our power to get you just and rightful compensation for your injuries.
When it comes to your peace of mind, it pays to have professionals on your side looking out for you. Remember, you will never pay a penny until we win your case!