Serious Injuries and Wrongful Death | Bicycle Accidents

Coping with the aftermath of a bicycle crash is physically and emotionally draining. Following the most severe bicycle crashes—those with serious injuries or fatalities involved—lives are forever altered. In these cases, no amount of money will ever be enough to replace what is lost. These situations are devastating physically, emotionally, and financially.

Kass & Moses wrongful death attorneys help survivors of those injured or killed in bicycle accidents fight for justice.
Most of us take pride in the role we provide to those around us. As mothers, fathers, caretakers, spouses, children, friends, and employees, each day we care for others in our lives. It is shattering to lose the ability to provide for those you love. 

When the negligence of a driver has contributed to the loss of life or independence, there is simply no monetary figure that can be placed on wellbeing.
In bicycle accidents involving death or critical injury, you must have an experienced bike accident attorney or wrongful death lawyer on your side. 

As you deal with the overwhelming grief associated with loss, Kass & Moses wrongful death lawyers will carefully assess the situation. We will listen to the details of the crash, thoroughly investigate what occurred, and apply our knowledge of the law to work for you. We will work with the insurance company so that you are free to take the time you need to process your loss. We will work diligently to maximize the compensation that you receive.

Bicycle Accident Statistics | Wrongful Death Attorneys

Although the number of bicycle accidents is decreasing, the number of fatalities associated with bike crashes has increased. One of the major factors is clear: drivers simply are not exercising proper care when it comes to sharing the road with cyclists. 

Infrastructure to help support safe cycling is increasing, especially in major cities, but not fast enough. In fact, about 70 percent of bicycle crash fatalities occur in urban areas.
When it comes to loss of the life of a loved one, no amount of compensation will suffice. There is simply nothing that can be done to bring them back to you. But we can work diligently to ensure that you will not suffer financially due to their loss. 

Trauma surrounding the sudden loss of a loved one can be life-altering as well. Survivors can face medical bills of their own as they work through the grief associated with loss.
In addition to your own pain, you may face enormous medical bills for the care of your loved one. These can exacerbate your stress and interfere with your wellbeing. We will work to ensure you can focus on your own pain and put your mind at ease.
Loss of a loved one through a bicycle accident is something no one should suffer, but it does occur. We handle these cases gently, with compassion and caring. We do everything we can to take the strain and pain of reliving the crash away from you and allow you time to heal. 

At Kass & Moses, our wrongful death lawyers know that extreme trauma takes time to heal, and we will do everything in our power to help get you the justice you and your family deserve.