Distracted Driving Lawyers | Bicycle Law

Distracted drivers are all around us. From the woman sipping her hot coffee to the man chatting with his daughter in the back seat, to the teenager shuffling through songs on the stereo, distracted drivers pose a tremendous risk to everyone on the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has identified three major types of driver distractions:
Visual tasks, such as checking a GPS system, cause the driver to avert their attention away from the road ahead. 
Manual tasks, like holding a drink or adjusting the stereo, require the driver to remove a hand from the steering wheel. 
Cognitive tasks are those tasks that cause the driver to mentally focus on something other than driving. 

All of these tasks mean that drivers are not focused on the road around them. When distracted drivers harm others, we believe they should be held responsible.
Distracted drivers endanger others needlessly. When you take to the road on your bike, you should not have to worry that someone is looking at their cell phone or applying makeup. We all are responsible for our own behavior behind the wheel, and those who are distracted or inattentive should be held just as responsible as those who are reckless in other ways.

Distracted Driver Attorneys | Bike Crashes

If you or a loved one has been in a crash involving a distracted driver, we will go to battle against the insurance company for you. 

When cyclists are in crashes with larger vehicles, the results can be disastrous. Significant injuries like concussions and head trauma, fractures, severe sprains and strains, and even paralysis are not uncommon. Our traumatic brain injury lawyers at Kass & Moses see these tragic cases regularly.

Even when medical bills are substantial and injuries are devastating, insurance companies offer small settlements. These settlement offers might not even be enough to cover your basic medical bills. They rarely take into account time away from work, pain and suffering, and your loss of property.
That is why, if you have been hurt by a distracted driver, you should contact Kass & Moses distracted driving lawyers today. 

It is critical to have an experienced distracted driving lawyer working for you. With over 25 years of experience handling cases involved injured bikers, we know bike law well. Cyclists are often victims of unfair bias in the eyes of the law. Just as some drivers feel cyclists aren’t entitled to their share of the road, some police officers and insurance adjusters feel the same way. Either wittingly or unwittingly, they skew their reports to favor the driver, even when it would seem clear to most people that the driver was at fault. 

Without a bike attorney experienced in distracted driving cases working for you, you could be held responsible for someone else’s damages.
When you call on Kass & Moses bike law attorneys, we go to work immediately. We speak with police officers, witnesses, and others at the scene to determine exactly what occurred. We look for area businesses that may have access to video footage of the crash. We work behind the scenes, gathering information to support your case so that ultimately, you will be awarded compensation that is fair and in-line with your injuries. 

Contact Kass & Moses distracted driver attorneys today for a quick, free assessment of your case.