Broken Bones | Bicycle Crash Lawyer

When it comes to bicycle crash injuries, broken bones are not uncommon. As you are riding your bike, you have nothing protecting your body. In the event of a cycling crash, you are completely exposed. When sudden impact occurs, broken bones are likely. 

Some fractures can heal with just a splint or a cast, but others require surgery and may involve implanting plates and screws to secure the bone in place. Physical therapy is common when recovering from a broken bone.
Broken bones occur when bones break or fracture under the strain of pressure. Fractures can be thin, hairline breaks in the bone, or complete fractures in which the bone breaks in two. A broken bone that pierces the skin is referred to as an open fracture. 

During a bike crash, you may be thrown from your bike. In that case, your outstretched arms often bear the weight of your body as you attempt to shield yourself from impact. It’s no surprise that fractures of the hands, wrists, and forearms are common. Other bones often broken in bicycle crashes are the fingers, collarbone, pelvis, legs, and back.

Why You Should Contact the Best Bike Injury Lawyer 

Fractures are painful and can require months to heal. During that time, your movement will be greatly restricted. This may limit your ability to drive a car, write, or work with your hands or on your feet. Some people can work around their fracture and still find ways to complete the tasks they must complete at work and at home. Other fractures are more difficult to manage and can require you to take time away from work.
Medical expenses surrounding broken bones can skyrocket. Initial exams and imaging assessments may cost thousands of dollars. Ongoing care by orthopedic specialists and physical therapists just adds to the expense. 

In addition to your medical expenses, you may experience lost wages if you are unable to work for the weeks or months that it takes to recover. Worst of all, some people will never regain full movement of the affected area. Others will go on to experience chronic pain for the rest of their lives.
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